Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More AA Quilt Show

You gotta just love those Buggy Barn patterns, right?  Can't you just see this done up for a wedding quilt?  Well, can'tcha??

These BB trees were great too.  I'm so in love with BB patterns!
We own 2 Jeeps.  One is a Wrangler which is what this quilt is.  I liked it and have thought of how to incorporate a Jeep into a quilt.  I think I would be more subtle but I thought this was neat too.
They had antique quilts in a special exhibit and I really liked this one.  You can see how teeny tiny those HST's are.
And, NO I didn't actually touch the quilt, just close!
I thought this one was neat as half the trees were upside down.
I love Halloween and a vendor had this quilt done as a BOM.  I especially liked the owl and the pussycat, but was officially too cheap to pay $60 for the patterns.  *SIGH*  I will just admire it from afar!
Now it's time to show what I purchased.  I bought this panel, Pumpkins Gone Wild.  Isn't it great??
Here is the rest.  (Wasn't I good??)  Red FQ for the red and white quilt, that next one is just a really odd print and I thought I *needed* it.  A ruler for cutting bias binding, really slick!!  A charm pack of PGW to use around the panel and that red scaly print.  I will tell you about that later.
I have my box-o-scraps packaged up to send to Julia in our scrap swap.  I hope she likes what I am sending!!


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I have one or two BB books, I may have to pull them out. Love both these quilts and the Wild Goose Chase too.

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