Thursday, October 02, 2008

Big Ten Fabric and Potential Swap

I forgot to tell you....Liz's link is now active!!!  She is adding things all the time but go and check it out!!

I had to go to the LQS on Monday looking for border fabric for the Big Ten quilt and I found it!  There on the left.  The amazing blue one!  Well, while I was there I thought I really needed (needed, mind you) to look and see what other Big Ten colors they had.  We always struggle to get the right colors and I had the "kits" with me so I could actually match the colors to the focus fabrics.  I got yellow for U of M and Iowa, red for Wisconsin and Red for OSU.

More red, for Indiana, orange for Illinois, green for MSU and gray for OSU.  
I still need some colors but this was a nice start!  I shopped at Threads and Treasures where the owner, Kay Atkins, is so nice and friendly and gives you a 25% discount if you buy 1/2yard cuts (or more).  I can't find the website right now (not sure they have one) but if you are ever in Belleville Michigan stop in and tell her I sent you!

I am considering hosting a swap.   I have to take a picture of the quilt top to show you before I post all about it though.  It would involve you guys having partners to swap with and me sending you all a pattern that involves using 5 yards of different fabric to make.  What do you think?  Would anyone be up for a 1 yard focus fabric swap?  The quilt is adorable and quick.  If there is no interest I will drop it.  My CL's will be doing this challenge after Christmas (they are too stressed out to do it before Christmas and the craft show).  


Anonymous said...

You háve been busy! I wasn't able to do some blogreading for, let's say, 10 minutes, and you've posted, posted and posted some more!
LOVE the big red polkadot fabric,(in fact I love all of them) GREAT tutorial (got to try that one
for sure!) and the almost solid fabric you bought?: wauw colours!

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