Friday, October 31, 2008

I have been BOOED!!

Jeanne from luv2stitch has "booed" me.  Here is the sign to prove it!  I love Halloween!!  Even thought I have not decorated I am still looking forward to handing out candy tonight.  I love seeing all the little kids.  I promise to decorate next year!  Now I need to "boo" some others so I am going to list you here.  Take this photo and post it on your blog and consider yourself "booed"  (No candy though, sorry)
Kim       Saska
Faith     Natalie    Annemiek   Dot
OK guys, no go forth and BOOOOOOO!!!!

Here is an example of one of the wine vests that we are making for the Christmas craft show.  One of the women, Kim, is a HUGE Ohio State fan so she made some of these.  I am not an OSU fan but I like how this turned out.  Great job Kim!
Here is a little table topper I finished yesterday.  I used up some of my left overs from the FS quilt.  No the bigger version is not finished yet but it is ready to sew into rows and I am hoping to get to it this weekend and get it all put together.  LTW is going on a cruise (I don't know why she thinks she can take a vacation??)  so no hurry for another week.  I am not sure what I will work on after this one is finished.  What do you think of this little beauty?  I really like it.  It is even nicer in person, the flash washed out some of the color.
Here are the wet and dry ingredients of the Apple Hill cake I made yesterday.
All mixed together.

TA-DA!!  The finished cake!  I brought it to work today as we have a lab meeting and I thought it would be fun to share.  I will let you know how people like it.  The recipe is over at Kim's.
I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween weekend!!  Be generous to those little trick or treaters (big ones too)!


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

what a great quilt!
i'm glad you booed me :) We don't celebrate Halloween here unfortunately; if we did, I'd put on my witches costume and decorate my whole yard!
happy halloween!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

At least your BLOG is decorated for Halloween! ha!! ;)

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