Thursday, October 23, 2008

What do you want? (warning political rant)

People ask this question all the time.  What do you want to eat?  What do you want to do today? and so on.  I'm asking what kind of country do you want to live in?  Capitalist or Socialist?  So you can see where this is going and if you are not interested in politics I suggest you come back another time!  

I, like Dot at Rantala Rags, am sick to death of the main stream media not giving fair coverage to the McCain-Palin ticket.  Please take a minute and visit Dot as she has a very interesting article worth reading on this subject.  She is right and so is the article.  As Sean Hannity says, this is the year that journalism will be declared dead.  If half of the things the Obama ticket is doing were being done by the McCain ticket they would be crucified by the main stream media.  The whole thing makes me sick!

If I wanted to live in a socialist country I would live somewhere else.  Socialism does not work.  Just look at the socialist countries.  Oh sure, it may work for the first generation when you and I will keep working because that's what we know but eventually the generations wise up and realize that they get the same whether they work or they don't and then the system fails.

Do you really want the government to run your life?  Are they better equipped to tell you how your money should be spent?  I read something recently that went like this:

A man goes out to eat and notices that his waiter is wearing an Obama button.  The man orders, and eats and has excellent service.  When it comes time to pay the bill he tells his waiter that while he has received outstanding service, because he wants to spread the wealth he will be giving the tip he would normally have given to the waiter to the homeless man outside.  The waiter is furious and the homeless man is happy.  Is this really how we want our country preserved for our kids and grandkids?  I say no, in fact I say HELL NO!!  

I want my kids to have the same America I had growing up.  The pie we take from is not finite.  Capitalism works.  We have the greatest nation in the world.  Why do you think everyone wants to come here and be like us?  Why are other countries holding us up as what they aspire to be?  Our people are great, our country is truly the land of opportunity.  

It is time to make a statement about what you want, for yourselves and your children and your children's children.  Don't take this lying down!  Go out and vote, make a difference.  (But please remember to vote only once = )  I don't want to hear anyone out there complain about the outcome if they don't vote.  Nor do I want to hear anyone that votes for Obama to complain about getting *exactly* what they vote for.  Joe the plumber is right!  Obama is not right for this country.  


Very Mary said...

You know what I like about America? That it's OK to disagree, but still be friends:)

Kedreeva said...


dot said...

Great post!!! We must continue to fight for this country. I will post more later.

jacquie said...

i'm glad you said your piece. isn't it interesting how both you and i warned people about our political rants. we shouldn't have to. we should be free to speak our minds respectfully. good for you.

Laura said... the waiter analogy. Isn't it funny how they are all about spreading our "wealth" but not their own?? I heard today they're trying to find a way to seize our 401k's. After all...they know what's good for us...yeah right...

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Great post! I totally agree with everything you said!

Shanna said...

Well said! Socialism sounds great in theory...everyone is equal, no one is left behind, but you're right in that it just doesn't work in real life.

Holly said...

Very well said. I told you before, I like your politics!

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