Monday, October 06, 2008

Friday and Saturday

I decided to try to make a quilt using the 5 yard quilt pattern and since I really wanted to make a MSU quilt for the raffle (in addition to the U of M one I already did) here is what I came up with.

Let me know what you think of this.  I cut and sewed the "focus" blocks on Thursday night in about an hour and did the cutting and sewing of the rest of the quilt on Friday night and Saturday afternoon.  This one is really quick, folks.  This is the quilt I wanted to use for the challenge.  (Swap on the blog if anyone is interested).  This is the challenge the CL's will be doing in January.
Saturday morning I made my DH take me to the Ghoultide Gathering in Northville, MI.  It was a Halloween Artist Spectacular (their words not mine) .  The stuff was so cool, but there were only 14 booths and everything was very expensive (or maybe I'm just that cheap!)  These paper mache guys were in a secret auction and min starting was $500.  They were made by Scott Smith.  He was there in a booth and his stuff was really really cool!
Here is my DH standing by one of the pumpkin people also made by Scott Smith.  There were several of these around the park.  You can see they are really BIG.  DH is 6 feet tall.
This was chalk ware by Vaillancourt folk art.  Her things were very interesting.  I had a friend that used to live across the street from us and she did similar kinds of work (chalk ware) and I think they were competitors.  My friend's company was Walnut-Ridge Collectables.  
I also got to meet the artist Debra Schoch of Hop Hop Jingle Boo.  She was so nice and her stuff was very very cool.  Her stuff was by far the one I liked the best!
Here is a closer up photo of her work.  Isn't it fabulous?  I loved the cat girl, she is on the right.  Get the photo up closer 

Another Pumpkin Guy!
This artist (Murphy Bears, Pat and Tom Murphy) had the most awesome Halloween pincushions.  I met Pat and she was very nice too.
Each one had such a personality!
I think this one was my favorite!!
Just in case you are wondering, I got permission from each artist to take the photos and post them on my blog.  They were all very kind about it so please respect their copyrights!  I hope they like the photos I took too!

I have lots more to blog about as on Sunday we got together and made the top of the Big Ten quilt.  I will show you more of that when I get a minute.


Pat in MI said...

Your MSU quilt top is very cool!

can you send me a link to the pattern? what size does it finish at? I'm looking for something to make for Kevin's new bed...full size...Thanks!

the various pumpkins are very cute and trendy...Northville, you say?!

jacquie said...

very cute quilt! you are fast, girl. fun looking at all the halloweenie decor.

Faith said...

Your quilt top is great I love the colour, they remind me of dollar notes,I love seeing the pictures of the pumpkins and paper mache arent they great and the pincushions too. I can understand some craftwork being so expensive as they take absolutely ages to do.
I hope to have a go at paper mache some day and who knows the paper mache might get involved in an art quilt someday. Thankyou for showing Pam they are great.

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