Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Weekend

My friend, Ruth-Ann No Blog was taking me to task for not entering anything new on my blog.  Here is how my weekend went.  I came home from work and changed my clothes. (Dinner was ready because I made white chicken chili in the crock pot).   I really needed dog food so was going to head to the pet store to get some.  Well, DH decided he wanted to tag along.  Why? I asked, Because I want to spend time with you, he answered.  At the pet store??  Whatever.  So of we went.  Then I got home and needed to bring a pen over to Charlotte's house.  I got the pen and some other stuff I needed to give her and went over to her house.  About an hour later I was on my way home.  By this time it is after 9pm.  I did some laundry and a little cleaning and watched Stargate Atlantis and then at 11pm went to bed.

Saturday.  I had to get up at 7am because DS had detention at school and had to be there by 8am.  And DD2 was coming home.  I had to head to the LQS to get the Shop Hop passes for myself and Charlotte.  I went to the shop and bought our passes and our bus passes too for the November 15th Shop Hop.  It should be fun.  I left the shop and decided to stop back at home to see if DD was there yet.  I had a hair appointment at 1:30 and it was 1pm and it takes me about 20 minutes to get to the salon.  She was not there and the door was locked.  Where was DH??  There were messages on the phone, better listen.  DD was indeed home but locked out, and BTW I left my cell phone at the LQS (15 minutes in the opposite direction of the salon).  Called Dd from the house phone and asked her to go and get it while I was gone.  Remember that MSU was supposed to play football at 3:30 too which I wanted to watch.  Ended up at the salon and 3 hours later, yes I said THREE HOURS LATER, a cut and color takes that long.  I was on my way home.  Got home only to find out that DD could not find the LQS (said DD could not find her way out of a paper bag either, but I digress) so this necessitated a trip to the LQS (I made DD go with me so she will know where it is!)  Got my phone and was on my way back to my home.  Walked in the door to the Texas and Oklohoma  game (DS is a HUGE Texas fan).  Had to wait for that game to finish before I could watch the MSU game.  FINE, did dishes while waiting, let the dog out and did some laundry.  *Finally* I got to watch the DVR'ed game.  We had dinner plans with my friend Shelby and her boyfriend, Ray, so I had to stop watching the game and get ready.  It was a *nice* resturant so I had to dress up (or dress up for me).  We left around 6pm and got to his house around 6:30.  We went out and had a nice ( and ungodly expensive) dinner.  Left for home around 10pm.  Fell into bed exhausted.  
On to Sunday.  DD wanted to go shopping.  We ended up at MANY stores until I was ready to cry uncle.  We did manage to find some of the things she was looking for.  Came home and had to begin to get dinner ready.  Ate dinner and bundled her off and back up to school.  Much too short of a visit.  I really miss her!  Now it is about 6pm and I am whipped, but I go to the sewing room and work on the second MSU quilt, which is coming along nicely.  So that's how my weekend went.  I had NO time to blog.  

Monday was a lacrosse meeting at 7pm until about 9pm, Tuesday was quilting with the CL's from 7-9 and tonight is quilting with the CHV quilters until 9:30 (which I may have to leave early to get home and watch the debate, although I don't know why since I already know who I will be voting for!)  Thursday I have another lax meeting and Friday I may take off work to do something "fun" for myself!  I complained about being tired last night and DH suggested I quilt less, pfttt as if!

Anyway, here I am blogging at work (hahaha) no one is here today and most of the things I need to do today are already finished so...

Here is another 5 yard challenge quilt made guessed it, LTW.  Aren't the cranes great??

I don't know how many of you remember this quilt?  Shirley from the CL's made it and her joke was that she would die before ever finishing it.  Well, here she is with the quilt displayed at the CHV Theater.  It is a beauty!

You may or may not remember a few months ago when a really nice man, Jack, dropped off a crap ton of quilting "stuff" at the church.  His mom had passed away and he was hoping we could use the stuff.  Among the stuff were several boxes of almost completed quilts.  So I decided that I will pull a bag each week and see what we have.  Grace, one of the CL's, is interested in putting them together so Grace, here ya go!  It is interesting to see someone else's quilt pieces and to try to figure out what they intended for them.  Here is the one I did last night.  I think I got it right.  There were 15 main blocks with stuff to make the 16th.  This is all hand pieced too.  I think the colored fabric was from old sheets as there are borders and they are not pieced but all one piece.  Alternatively, I guess she could have cut them length wise, but they feel like sheets.  What do you think?  I think it is really neat.  I know that my friend, Yuki, would appreciate all the flying geese in this one!

So for inquiring minds, there is the update!!  What was your weekend like??


Anonymous said...

OMG! I already got the message when you wrote "I had to go up at seven 'cause DS HAD DETENTION"!!
YOU need an autumn-holiday. Your DH btw is lucky to be alive after his comment "you should quilt less"
They really don't have a clue now do they!?
Hope you'll have a better weekend this week:)

Vicki H. said...

Whew, your weekends are way too short!! I think that the only fun and sane things we quilters do is quilt.

BTW I love the way you put together the antique quilt blocks. I can't finish the quilt blocks I have inherited or collected. It makes me cry to think the lady didn't have enough time to finish.... hmmm, wonder what's going to happen to the UFO's I leave. :)

Faith said...

wow busy busy busy dont burn yourself out!! I love the scrap quilt til I die and thought that its lovely that you can all continue on the unfinished quilts that this lovely lady has left due to her passing Im going to have another peep at that scrap quilt to see if this can give me ideas.

Tanya said...

Whew! What a weekend! I hope you can find some relaxation time!

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