Wednesday, June 01, 2011

12 Days Designer BOM

I know, two posts in one day, but I have a lot to say (which should not surprise anyone that knows me! LOL).  I did manage to work on my block 12 for the 12 Days of Christmas Designer BOM and got my block and LTW's block all finished.  You know what that means right?  Time for me to break out the finishing kit(s) and get some cutting done too (UGH).  I love all the blocks for this quilt and can't wait to see it all put together though so maybe that will spur me on.
My block 12Liz's block 12
Aren't these ornaments too cute? I was able to get 2 from the package again using one additional strip of the white that I had bought JIC. I need to pull the finishing kit out, maybe this weekend and see what I have to do to get er' done!
Block 12

I don't know about you but this has been the second wettest spring in the Detroit area (over 14 inches so far, and the biggest was 16 inches). I think it has been the most rainy days though so there's that. Why am I talking about this? I have sooo much neglected yard work to do since I couldn't get outside to work until the rain let up. This puts a serious strain on my sewing time, see where I'm going with this??

My DH has decided he wants to do Square Foot Gardening. Great, I say, but you know what that means for me right? He built the garden "walls" and EVERYTHING else is up to me. OMG really? I was happy to put in a regular ole garden but no, not mister *I* want to have a garden. So I sat down and read the book, ok, ok, I skimmed the book and read the important parts (I have other things to do you know, laundry doesn't do itself!)

It needs certain things for the soil. Vermiculite for instance. HUH? Where do I find that? Home Depot said in the fireplace section but the other HD had no idea what I was talking about so... Still looking. And how many of you know that Peat Moss is NOT a renewable resource? I didn't until I read the book. Anyway, it looks like an interesting concept, but why do these things *he* wants to do end up falling to me to finish? Does this happen to any of you guys?? What do you do about it? I love him to pieces but his "hobbies" are going to be the death of me!

I will keep you posted about the SFG and how it goes, maybe I will even take some pictures so you will know what I am talking about. Would you like that? I'm pretty sure misery loves company so c'mon, share with me. Pretty please? ~XOP~


Liriopia said...

Dear Mama,

You don't need vermiculite or peatmoss for square foot gardening! Just some good soil with lots of organic matter. Manure (horse,sheep, goat, rabbit, cow); straw or hay; wood chips; vegetable wastes; chopped-up leaves - all qualify as organic matter - and all will do the same job! Condition your soil and supply nutrients for your plants. I've used this method for a long time and would be glad to help you out and save your back. Email me at and I would be happy to walk you through it!


Impera_Magna said...

Buy potting mix at your local home improvement emporium... already has the vermiculite in it... saves you a LOT of time and effort... believe me!


grendelskin said...

Your 12 Days is lovely!
Magna's right, potting soil should have a goodly amount of vermiculite already mixed in (you don't really want to mix it yourself, it's nasty). Both vermiculite and peat lighten the soil and help it retain moisture; since bagged potting soil is mostly these 2 ingredients, mixing it with your own compost should give you rich soil for planting - and it's easy to find! At my place the compost is always in very high demand: "eat more bananas, kids, I need good dirt!"

Stray Stitches said...

Your blocks are wonderful. I'm working on the borders now. Lots of cutting in both the sashing and the borders but I hope to have the top all put together by tomorrow afternoon :)

Charity said...

I ended being the one who wanted to do the square foot gardening. This has only been our second year with it, and so far so good. Regardless gardens are work, but with the price of fresh vegetables lately, it seems well worth it.
I'm curious to know will you be doing the new mystery block of the month. I had really wish that I had done this past one. Now I'm just sitting on the fence about going for it.
I'm not sure why, but your comment box is recognizing my google id. So hopefully you'll have a way to reach me.

Gmama Jane said...

I've read this book!!! it's GREAT and makes so much sense!! I can't get my husband on board...Can I switch for the summer?? ha!!!!
Tell me how it turns out!
Gmama Jane

Allie said...

I read that book - tried to get dh to do it but no go, lol! We have some seeds but they're hiding somewhere.
Your blocks are great!

Crispy said...

I'm really lucky, our small town has a spot for lawn and vegetable waste dumping so they do our composting for us. Now I just have to actually put in a garden LOL. Good luck with this!! I have an idea, you might want to check to see if there is a composting spot at your local dump. I know they have them in Seattle. You may have to pay for the compost but it sure would save you time and effort IMHO.


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