Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Now For The Rest of The Story

I know I promised more info and so I have a few minutes to deliver on that promise.  First I need to back up a little bit.  Last week, I went over to QNQ's house to see her use her new Gammil!  Crazy Quilt Girl (CQG) was there too.  I managed to snap  a few pics of QNQ using her new machine.  The two of them were making some small quilts to show how many quilts you can get out of a Jelly Roll if you use just a wee bit of yardage too.  I think CQG had a JR giveaway on her blog and will be giving away one of the 4 quilts they made to one lucky winner soon too.  If you have not visited their blogs you should keep an eye out.  The quilts were made using a Hullabaloo JR.  Here the two of them are, "quilting".
Pauline and CoriCori and Pauline

Next up is my trip to Checker with CQG yesterday. We finally convinced her to branch out and so she placed an order with Checker for some non-Moda fabric!! We went there yesterday to pick up some of the order that had come in and we went shopping as well.
Here is CQG as we were going in the store.
Cori at Checker

We put a LOT of fabric in our cart. So much in fact we had to get a second cart.
Our cart pre check out

Unfortunately much of what we chose was already spoken for so we left with much less than this! We got another bolt of Prince Charming so watch her site, she will be listing what she has of that amazing line soon!! I am TOTALLY in love with that fabric!! We got some Flour Sugar at a pretty good deal that she is passing along to you too. Then I totally convinced her to buy some of this line from Benartex with some awesome retro kitties on it. This is the print that made me want it so much.
Me with the kitty fabric

She got it in pink too. There is a coordinating stripe for both of them and a solid for each of them too. Then there is a smaller print that reminded us both of the illustrations in an old fashioned Golden book. Once it gets listed, which should be today, go and take a peek. If you are a sucker for kitties like me you are going to have to have some!! It really is amazingly sweet!! I'd be interested to know what you guys think of it and don't buy it all!!!
Then we went down the Kona cotton isle. I could hardly contain CQG as she was drooling over all the beautiful colors. I'll let you in on a little secret though the pinks and purples were her favorites!!
Cori lovin' on the Kona

Alright kiddos enough for now. I need to get some real work done at my real job (*sigh) since I had the last 2 days off. Have a great day!!    ~XOP~


Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Loved the post!

Sara said...

Why can't there be a place like that here!!!! This was a terrific post!!! I would be hugging the Kona too!! One in every color please:)

Crispy said...

It sounds like a very good start of a fun day. I wonder what else you 3 got into :0)


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Lucky you!

Brenda said...

Wow where is this place? Looks like you have been busy! How is your garden growing?

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