Friday, June 17, 2011

As We Head Into The Weekend

I don't have much to talk about today as the weekend draws near.  I worked on my cat stitchery last night.  It's coming along.  I am hoping to have in finished soon.  I found out I need to do the second one as well, bummer, but will get to it.

You all know that I went to Checker with Cori (Crazy Quilt Girl) this week.  We picked up some Prince Charming, the new Tula Pink line.  They didn't have all of it but she got quite a bit of it, half the line or so.  I managed to snap these pictures of the bolts on her stairs the other night and thought I would share with you.
New Prince CharmingMore Prince Charming
Trust me when I tell you they are even more beautiful in person than these pictures can convey!! I can't wait to dive into them. I think the snails and the frogs are my favorites, although I love the honeycomb too, esp in indigo. YUM!! Pop on over to her shop and check it out.

She also picked up some adorable My Kitten by Benartex. If you like cats you need to go and look at this. So adorable!!
Cori managed to find some of the first Flour Sugar line too. It is such a beautiful line. So if you missed it the first time go on over to the shop and snatch these beauties right up. They look great with Rose Parade!
The other new additions she has are pre-cuts from Riley Blake. If you have been dying to get your hands on some of their adorable fabric just click here to be taken to Nirvana!!

Ok, so let me see,most of my post has been about my friend's shop and she is not even a sponsor!! HAHA, just a really, really good friend, another BFF! If you like to get your fabric at a good price, in a timely fashion and with great customer service you found the shop for you!! Tell her Mama Spark sent you!! (do I get commission??)

I thought you might like to see what I came home to the other night after work.
I had some fabric stacked up to take pics for for a potential swap and when I got home from work this is what I found.

Aiden "warming" the stack. Thanks, Aiden. Then I looked at the couch behind her and saw this

My apparently alien cat, Mosen laying on one of my quilts! Hey, Mosen, thanks for the black fur all over the light colored quilt back!!

You guys have heard me talking about swaps so I thought I would show you one of the recent swaps I made. I sent some AMH voile's and got these beauties in return.
Swap from Kathleen 01Swap from Kathleen 02
Menadacino and FFA?  for real??  YESSSSSS!!!!  How lucky was I?  I hope Kathleen was as happy with her AMH voiles as I was with this haul.  We are actually doing another swap shortly and I should have the whole Loulouthi line in FQ for some Hope Valley, some dragon fabric and some $$.  I love Flickr swaps!  I did a swap with Sara and got some amazing solids (no pics though).  I had some So St Croix FE to trade and she sent solids in various colors in return.  If you haven't checked into swapping through Flickr or your blog you should consider it.  It's a  great way to trade for what you want and keep rotating your stash.  There are several swap/destash groups on Flickr.

Well, for someone that didn't have a lot to say, apparently I really did!  Although anyone that knows me would not be surprised in the least!  Have a great Friday and hopefully we will talk soon.  ~XOP~


Sara said...

You are just a swappin' fool!!! I am trying,but no success yet. Everyone seems to want KJR. That is all I see in everyone's ISO:/

Didn't know one of your cats and my son shared the same name;)

Crispy said...

Pretty fabrics!! I LOVE the red one in the front...I may have to stop over at Cori's shop after pay day :0)


Allie said...

Have a great weekend Pam, enjoy your stitching, lol - stitching is my favorite thing, sorry you don't like it! Leave it to a cat [or two] to find a pile of fabric to shed over....

Mommarock said...

You have gotten the kitty stamp of approval on your fabric selection LOL!! :)

dianne said...

hand embroidery isn't your first love?!? wait till you've stitched HPV (not the virus) - you will DEFINITELY want a break ... i'm just sayin'

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