Friday, June 03, 2011

Castle Peeps Is Almost Finished

I just got Castle Peeps back from LTW and man-o-man did she do a fantastic job!  I won't post *all* the photos I took but I am just tickled with how it came out.  I hope the mom of the baby this one is for doesn't read my blog (I don't think she does), cuz the baby's name is quilted right into the quilt.  I got the pattern free from Lizzy House's website.  She designed the fabric and the pattern and I am in love with BOTH!!  Thanks Lizzy!!  If you have not found her please stop by her website and check her out.  Her new line 1001 Peeps should be out soon and she has another line called Outfoxed that is supposed to be out in October.  Yeah Lizzy!!!  So now you know the background.

In addition, once I had the quilt finished I needed to decide how I wanted it quilted.  It is such a simple quilt but an adorable one and it is for a very dear friend who had a baby at the end of January.  Now the top was done in *plenty* of time and I found the perfect quilt patterns BUT, and this is a biggy, they needed to be digitized, and it took FOREVER!!  As soon as they were done, LTW did the quilt and I have to say it was well worth the wait!  She did some free handing on the castle and I love it!!

Without further ado here is Castle Peeps in all it's glory (more on my Flickr). This is the whole quilt so you have a frame of reference.
Castle Peeps

This is the top and bottom of the tower.
Castle PeepsCastle Peeps
The panto for the center of the quilt was from Medowlyon and it is little kids riding dragons!!!
You can see it much better from the back so here are a few of them:
Castle PeepsCastle Peeps
Just look at how LTW got this one with the little boy and the head of the dragon to look like it is behind the tower, genius!
Castle Peeps

I found a great castle for the border too.
Castle PeepsCastle Peeps
Here you can see how some of the dragon riders look on the front.
Castle PeepsCastle Peeps
OK, so Karen if you have read this far and have not guessed who it is for it is for:
Castle Peeps

PTM is binding it and then it will be headed off to live with some new peeps. I sure hope they like it as much as I do!  I would love to know what you all think of this one!  I am in LOVE with it!!!


Lotte said...

Wow! It looks great! And the quilting is really nice! Even a little window in the castle tower.... :-)

Impera_Magna said...

That is one beautiful quilt and the quilting is incredible!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love, love, love it!!!

Poppyprint said...

The custom quilting is just incredible! I love having the baby's name quilted in and the dragon riders are amazing!!! Worth the wait, I'd say. Well done.

Crispy said...

A very sweet quilt with amazing quilting done on it. I think you will have to tell your friend that it is to be used, not just hung on a wall though. I think she will be afraid to use it LOL.

LTW is an awesome quilter!!


Allie said...

Super darling Pam - great quilt!

Annemiek said...

I only wish I could quilt like that! It's amazing and I can imagine it took a while all in all!

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