Friday, June 10, 2011


If you have been following me recently you know that I have been lamenting the death of my home lap top computer.  I have an amazing MAC that I use at work and she is my first love, but my home lap top was an old PC that DD1 bought about 6 years ago.  It worked fine for what I needed it for...until one day it didn't!  Funny how it goes like that isn't it?  So I have been struggling with the purchase of a new lap top.  Do I fix the old hard drive?  Buy a new PC?  New MAC?  OMG too many choices!  Well, my DD1 talked me into ordering a new Dell laptop.  So let me introduce you to my newest love...her name is

Meet my beautiful new sexy computer, RowanOh Hi Rowan!
She is an Inspiron and that's about all I can tell you. DD1 created her for me on the Dell website. I would have loved a new MAC laptop but just could not justify the cost at this time. Look how cute this is...
Hi Mama Spark

When she boots up she asks me for my password. I like to password protect my computers so the men in my life can't junk them up by adding things they think I "need".  Thanks, guys!  NOT.  So now I should be able to keep up on your blogs better and not get so behind in my own posting.  If things are busy at work I end up not getting the time to post and then, no posts for me at home either.  No more!!

Both DD's were home last night so we went out for dinner, DS couldn't be bothered to come so it was just DH, me and the girls.  That was a rare treat!  I am not looking forward to DD2 leaving for NC in August.  I know she will love it but I will miss her terribly!  When we got home I convinced DH to help me make the rest of the dirt for my second SFG.  Got that all filled and ready to plant!  He is making the coolest removable side panels to keep out the critters that think this was planted for their dining pleasure.  Once they are complete I will show them to you.

Just a couple of gratuitous cat pics too, so you won't forget I have them, LOL.
Here is Hallie. She likes to follow me around the garden. I think she is hoping I will put off some catnip for her. She finds great pleasure walking along the rocks.


Next up Aiden, aka Fatty McFatty. She loves to lay on top of my sewing basket.  I know, I know,she completely covers the entire thing, but shhhh she is kinda sensitive about being a little chubby.

Aiden on my sewing basket
Then there is Mosen. One of the two boys in the furry family. (Jack being the other one). Mosen loves to be by me too. If I am not paying enough attention, he calls out to me, "Mama". No for real, he really does! Check it out here. Anyway, I was doing something in the living room/sewing room and he was just hanging out under my sewing table just content to be in my presence. Awe, Mose man, I love you too!
Mosen under my sewing tableMosen under my sewing table
Enough about the silly furry babies. I hope to have some kind of quilty, fabricy goodness to share with you all soon. I am itching to get into my sewing room, but alas the garden is still singing her siren song! (and the garage is getting into the mix as well with his, "hey, I need some attention too, if you ever expect to get your boat out ever again." Well, and don't get me started on that boat! She just yammers on and on about wanting out now that the weather is nice. Sheesh what's a gal supposed to do?

One last thing. I have some super, duper cool and exciting news that I am not sure if I am allowed to share, (what again? I know right?) but I am going to ask nicely and see if I can share soon, just for you, my bloggy friends, cuz' that's just how I roll! Talk to you soon ~XOP~


Annemiek said...

A new laptop!? How wonderfull!! I know how happy I was with mine after my old one was stolen. Ït's when you are "disconnected", you discover how addicted you are to your hardware :)
I'm VERY curious about your supernews....

rubyslipperz said...

I'm so glad you've been rescued from the island of NO COMPUTER...thaz, how i feel anyway...when, i don't have internet and/or no computer...I feel like i;m exhiled on an island!

Wish, I could have so many furries!

Now, to try to think of a "deal that you can't refuse" pry that secret from your lips! =P


Crispy said...

Woo Hoo a new toy!! Excellent idea to protect "your" computer from those guys. I'm lucky, my guy barely knows how to turn on the computer....we won't even talk about his lack of TV remote skills LOL.


Sara said...

Lucky girl, I cannot convince the hubs to get me one of those beauties!! So I use his until he takes it with him to Afghanistan.

Where is your daughter moving to in NC?

Secret--huh wonder what that could be? You have me intrigued now!

dianne said...

of all your kitties, i have the most in common with Aiden - she IS a fat little thing!

okay - i'll bite - why did you name your computer for a tree (and a magical tree, at that)?!?

Allie said...

I had to laugh - your new laptop looks exactly like mine, except mine says Toshiba, lol! Congrats, I know you'll love being able to blog from home again! Cute cute cute pics of the kitties!

Mommarock said...

I missed you.. I'm glad you are back :)

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