Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

YEAH!!  It's Father's Day here in the US today.  I called my daddy last night to wish him a happy Father's Day.  Now on to my own husband's Father's Day.  DD1 and I took him to the local airport for the EAA sponsored pancake breakfast.
Father's Day 2011 011

This is what it looked like. We went around 9 and we were able to walk right up and get our food. It was awesome. Here is DD1 with DH, although it was a bad picture of him, lol, sun in his eyes.
Father's Day 2011 001Father's Day 2011 002   

  We always see the mom of a boy my DD2 went to elementary school with when we go. Her son was in my daughter's kindergarden class the year they all went to the airport hanger to see the airplanes my DH flies. From that day forward, Nick had always wanted to be a pilot. Through the years they have stayed in touch and after talking to him mom today, I found out that he is an air traffic controller in the city I grew up in! Small world huh? It was that day and my husband that influenced this young man for the rest of his life. So, if you ever wondered if you made a difference in someone's life you very likely have done. We are just fortunate enough to know it.

Unfortunately, the rest of Father's Day did not go so well for my DH. He got roped into going out to the farm with DD1 to help build her peacock enclosure. On the way to the farm they saw DS walking down the road. Why, I hear you ask?? He drove our Wrangler in a field and put a stick through the radiator. So he was walking home. They picked him up and made him go to the farm and work, LOL, joke was on him. DD2 came home for dinner and the burgers are on the grill as I type this. I guess it was not too bad of a day after all.

I know you are all sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to hear if I got that embroidery finished aren't you? Well, I not only finished the one I showed you but...wait for it...wait for it...I got the second one done too!!! WOO HOO!!! Now, I can put them in the mail on Monday and BE DONE WITH this commitment!!!! Oh, you wanna see them I suppose, right?
Purrfect WorldCat photo frame
I had to ice, ice, ice, but I am so happy to be finished with them. I really love the In a Purrfect World one. I will stitch that for myself someday. Now I feel like I can start working on the pattern for Jacquie.  I have been pulling some fabrics already!

How was your weekend??? ~XOP~


RobynLouise said...

I don't think the day worked out too bad for your Dad. Bet he had a laugh at your DS misfortune with the car. Our bush remedy is to carry a cake of laundry soap in the car and always carry water in the boot/back. Cut the laundry soap to the approximate size of hole in radiator, wriggle it in and refill with water. Most times it gets you home without overheating the car :).
Love your finished embroideries!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

It sounds like a good day to me. Love the red-work!

MB in MI said...

beautiful stitching!!

Crispy said...

Uh Oh I bet he was really happy to see you coming down the road LOL. I have a feeling your hubby enjoyed his time with the kids working on the farm.

I worked all weekend so not much going on for me. We did drive into town for chinese buffet though....very exciting LOL.


Sara said...

puuuurrrrfect job on the embroidery piece (sorry couldn't resist the purring!)

Have some fun with Jacquie's now;)

Allie said...

How lovely to know that you've influenced someone for good - our lives touch so many others but we rarely hear about it. Happy Father's Day to your hubby. Your stitching is lovely, Pam!

dianne said...

wow - that was a lotta stitching to get done in such a short amount of time!!! big old kudos to you - and they both look super!

Sherrill said...

WOW, my DH is a retired air traffic controller and DS2 is working on becoming one as we speak! A very nice occupation!! Your embroidery looks GREAT!

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