Monday, June 13, 2011

How Was Your Day

That's right, how was your day?? Mine was supposed to be so much different than it turned out to be.  I was supposed to go out with my friend Cori but I got really ill last night.  My stomach was knotted up and I felt awful.  I called Cori in the am and we decided to plan our adventure tomorrow instead.

So that meant that I had the whole day home, since I went back to bed and didn't get up until 11am!!  I finished the chennille blanket I was working on.  Now on to the binding.  Pics later.  I spent a lot of time persuing swaps on Flickr, which is kind of addicting!

I thought I would let you in on my secret, now that I have permission.  I am so excited to talk about this.  At the bloggers meet up in SLC I had the pleasure of meeting Jacquie of Tallgrass Prairie Studio.  If you are not familiar of her work you should go and check her out.  Anyway.  I was so excited to get a photo with her and she said she was excited to get a pic with me!!  As if!!  Anyway, she called me last week and asked me to be a pattern tester for her!!!!!!!!!  Can you believe it??  I am so excited!!  We end up having so much in common, it was so exciting to actually have an extended conversation with her.  I am so walking on cloud 9.  We may actually be meeting up in Chicago sometime soon.

Next up I need to tell you what I did in a moment of weakness today.  I was watching several Featherweight sewing machines on Ebay and I don't know what came over me, I bid on one!!  I didn't think I would actually win it.  Most of them go for $200 or more.  I got this one for considerably less than that, cas and attachments and all!!  YIKES!!  How amazing is that??  I hope DH doesn't mind.  I guess he should not go out of town eh?

Well I thought I would leave you with some pics of Mosen, laying on the chennille blanket.

Mosen 003

So I am going out with Cori tomorrow and you need to stay tuned for more exciting adventures of tomorrow! ~XOP~


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh that is exciting news! Congrats on the new machine too!

karenfae said...

hey that is nice to get a featherweight for less than normal! congrats on being a tester too.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Sewing for Jacquie AND a new featherweight! What a day Pam! So very cool!

Sara said...

So I guess you are pretty talented at what you do Missy!!! So lucky!!!

Great Featherweight find:):)

I didn't know you could swap fabric on Flickr?!

Poppyprint said...

Awesome on all fronts! Katy (gingermonkey) just bought a Featherweight off eBay for a great deal as well. You'll just love it!

Allie said...

Very cool- Jacquie does so many clever things! How lovely that you got a Featherweight, you will love it - I'm holding out for a treadle, lol!

Mosen looks awful comfy...

Crispy said...

Congrats on being a pattern tester, how fun is that!! Also congrats on getting a feather weight. I love mine....even though I don't use it much...such a sweet stitch.

I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. Bob caught that awful bug on Saturday and thankfully he didn't pass it on to me.


Saska said...

I've bid on a Featherweight...but it went for over $400. ...a little more than I wanted to spend!
I read Jacquie's blog and I agree that she does great stuff. Can't wait to see what you all do together.

Mommarock said...

Well that is very exciting.. I'm not quite sure what it means to be a pattern tester. Maybe you could do a blog post about that. Do they provide all of the fabric for you, and the pattern, and you stitch a quilt for them? I think she couldn't have chosen a more talented quilter.. and the patterns will turn out very fantastic. Your list of things to do will get much longer and more fun!! SEW EXCITING to get a sneak peek before everyone else.. I hope there are still goodies for us to see here :)

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