Saturday, June 18, 2011

FNSI and BIG Munki Munki Score

Alright, first things first.  You are probably wondering what I got done during the FNSI aren't you (Dianne)?  Well, not as much as I wanted to I have to say.  the culprit?  Tendonitis, I think.  I get shooting pains down the back of my wrists when I do too much hand work.  I thought it would be alright, but it was not.  I managed to get the bird house and the cat stitched (ok so almost all the cat) but I paid for it today.  I have been icing my wrists all day!  I took some NSAI too.  The pain actually makes it all the way up to my left shoulder and neck.  BUT...I *will* keep going so I can be DONE with this and move on to something I really want to work on.  This is umpressed...don't judge me!

Several of you made mention that it was too bad that embroidery is not my first love, or that I don't enjoy it and neither is really true.  I do like to do it.  I just don't like to do it with a deadline, so now I know that.  It is difficult for me to do it quickly because of the wrist things.  

So that takes care of what I got done for the FNSI.  Now on to today.  I heard that Marshall's had gotten in some Munki Munki pajamas.  EEP!  For anyone that doesn't know, Munki Munki is a company that was started by Heather Ross.  She designed and also owned the company.  She has since sold the company but they still use her designs.  So people buy up the Munki Munki and use it for quilts or for barter.  I went to the Marshall's by my house last week but nothing.  I had to go out today and...SCORE!!!  I got the whales and the elephants!!  
I can see wearing the top from the whale set but will cut up the rest and keep some and sell some later.  Isn't it funny?  Some people sell this stuff by "one leg panel" or "one sleeve".  I guess that will now be me!!

Munki Munki Score!
I also went to Sew Fresh Fabrics today and bought the fabric bundle for the A Zig A Zag QAL.  It was pretty reasonable and if you buy over $35 they refund your shipping if you put ZZQAL in the comments.  They had a sweet Kona FQ bundle to go with the Loulouthi I am getting in.  I need to start going though my old stash and selling some stuff to fund my habit.  I owe Crazy Quilt Girl the national debt!!!

Off to make some dinner and maybe ice down my wrists and try to stitch some more.  ~XOP~


Stitchin' time said...

That's a pretty redwork pattern!
I can't hand sew for too long either as I develop pains up the inside of my forearms which the doctor tells me is tendonitis. I use herbal remedies mostly and find either comfrey or arnica works best. I think the pains are from my arthritis when it's the comfrey that works best and from tendonitis when it's arnica and I can usually tell from the movement (well lack of!) which affliction it is now :P.
Hoping you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

That's a sweet redwork pattern you're working on. Too bad you have a deadline or you could perhaps set is aside to allow yourself to heal before taking it up again.

Allie said...

Your stitching is darling but oh I feel your pain! I can't do that to a deadline at all. Take it slow girl!

dianne said...

i don't like doing ANYTHING that involves a deadline - including blogging about FNSI - ha ha ha!

i like to embroider (and crochet and cross stitch and and and) but i have issues with my hands, too - that's why it took so long to finish the embroidery on HPV - so i feel your pain, little mama

Sheila said...

Well after your initial post on the adorable cat redwork, I bought the pattern - though not started it yet.
I love stitchery, but HAVE to use a hoop and also put weaveline on the back of the fabric. I find both things make the stitching 100 times easier.

Lotte said...

Working with a deadline is never very fun... Usually stressful and then i never get as much done as I would were there no deadline! Your cats look nice though!

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

VERY Nice redwork - keep on icing.

Crispy said...

Ouch!! I'm sorry you are having such problems with your wrists. I'm with you, deadlines are no fun. Most of the quilts I have given as gifts have been wrapped and the taken back for me to finish at my leisure LOL.


c said...

Never heard of Munki Munki and buying by the pant leg? weird. Marshalls?? oh well I dont do much retail-lol, i must not be "with it". as for the redwork it is beautiful. I have arthur in my right hand so it is hard, but I have been able to handstitch a lot lately without much pain. OTC meds-who knew-lol

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