Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lest You Think I Sit Around Doing Nothing

We could not have that now could we?  I have a lot going on at the moment.  You know I will be working with Jacquie and I am getting a pattern of hers to test.  In fact, I have the pattern now I need to choose colors.  How hard is that?  I keep picturing different color schemes in my head and discarding them.  Then last night, as I was *trying* to get to sleep, one popped into my head that I think will be the final one.  Sorry, can't say yet, but trust me it is gonna be GREAT!

I took on a project for robin at Bird Brain Designs too.  I am embroidering a shop sample for her of one of her patterns.  I love the pattern.  "In a Purrfect world, Every home should have a cat and every cat should have a home."  It is quite detailed and I am about a third of the way done with the BIG design (there is a picture frame one too).  While I love the saying, I like to stitch, and I am excited that the proceeds of the sales of the patterns go to the ASPCA, I'm ready to be done.  Stitching is NOT my first love.  I believe this will be my first and only venture into this!!  OK, stop sniggering out there, I hear you all laughing at me!  I wanted to try it.  You never know until you try it how you are going to like it, right?  RIGHT???  QNQ is doing the dog version and she is already done  (show off).  Now Robin did not give me a deadline so I need to email her and ask her when she needs it by and to see if she wants/needs both of the designs done (oh please dear God, I hope not).  So I am madly stitching away trying to finish this up, because apparently this is all I should be doing ahem, and nothing else until it is finished, but if you know me at all, I don't work like that!

What's that?  You want to see what I've been doing instead of embroidering like I should be?  Ok  I made another chenille blanket this weekend.  I love these little things! Front and back pre-washed:
Chenille blanket pre washChenille blanket back
Along with my special little label. I had these printed and then I figured out I can make my own! I ordered a rubber stamp online with what I wanted on it, bought some twill tape (when I was in NYC last fall for CHEAP), and use fabric ink stamp pads to ink it. TA-DA!! I have my own at a fraction of the cost, can I can make mine different colors.
Chenille blanket label

Then I washed it and wowsa does the front ever change!!
Chenile washed

Hey, that big goofball holding the blanket is my baby boy (not really so baby anymore though) You don't see many photos of him. He is kinda like the dog, you will always see more cat pictures as my girls are around and allow more photos of them just like the cats but here he is in all his scruffly goodness too = )
Thadd holding chenile

If you are dying to see the animals up close and personal here is a peek at them too.
Chenille blanket back up close

I am very pleased with how it came out. Now I have to get back to the embroidery, before I receive 10 lashes for not having it done already and doing something else.
I'll finish it but I am probably going to begin Jacquie's project very soon. hehe


Sara said...

You are a busy little bee.

I like how you compared your son to the dog!! He,he I won't tell!

Impera_Magna said...

I used to think life would be so slow, dull, and boring when I got to this age... that all I would do is sit in a rocking chair and wait for the grandchildren to visit....


2ne said...

I love your chenille blanket :-) A great teknic.

Sheila said...

Love the cat stitchery and have just ordered it! I have to do it for my sister as she has 6 rescue cats.

Crispy said...

Very cool looking stitchery!! Why is it that our boys are always so camera shy and then when you do catch them they have to act silly? Such funny creatures LOL. He is a handsome fellow however :0).


Gari said...

I used to do hand embroidery but don't enjoy it much anymore. I do a little when the BOM masters require it but I haven't gone in for all that are so cute on the internet. I do some machine embroidery and every once in a while I do a lot but I much prefer quilting.

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