Monday, June 06, 2011

I'm a WINNER!!

I think many of you know who Sweetwater is right?  Well, they just joined Facebook recently.  They asked if we would go to FB and "like" them.  So I did that.  Up for grabs were some of their darling charms found here.  I got to choose 3!!  How exciting is that??

                                          I chose Hope, House and  Hometown.

Oh, and did you happen to notice the new button on my side board?  Well, I am joining in the Zig Zag quilt-a-long that Angela over at Cut to Pieces is going to be doing.  Why don't you join me?  It looks like a fun quilt and I have always wanted to do a zig zag quilt!  C' know you want to!!

Last week I went out with my BFF and we went to Checker to pick up some stuff for LTW and Crazy Quilt Girl's shop.  One of the BEST things about going is getting to go through the fabric sample cards they are getting rid of.  I love it!!  I only got one pic so far but will take more as I take them apart and share them with you.  I managed to get a little Flour Sugar, as well as some AMH voiles (which I am swapping out at the moment, so no pictures of those here although you can see them on my Flickr if you really want to).

Flower Sugar

I did manage to have DH help me to mix the dirt for one of the Square Foot Gardens this weekend. It is in the box and the box now has the grids and it is ready for me to go home and plant tonight!! We still have one more to do but DH said he wants to make it more level on the bottom first. I will

try to remember to take pictures of them too, should have done when we were mixing the dirt. Boy was that a lot of work! I got a lot of stuff planted and weeded and such. It sure was a hot one this weekend though. I don't even know how many gallons of water I drank while working out in the sun!

I did some cleaning up in my sewing area too.  Filed all my patterns and put some fabrics away, tore out what I wanted to keep in my magazines, recycled the rest, then filed those in notebooks.  It took me a long time but I think it will help me find things when I need them again.

How was your weekend??  ~XOP~


Allie said...

Congrats on your win - we're about to start our garden too, I think all danger of frost is over, *snort*

Lotte said...

I organised my quiltstuff two weeks ago and everytime I need something it is where it is supposed to be! Thats a lot better than searching for 10 min before you find something... I'm sure the effort was worth it! :-)

Brenda said...

It is so much fun to win! Congradulations. Just hopping around for a visit before I get back at it. Planted 4 flats of flowers this weekend. We put our large garden out last Monday. We use to do raised beds when we lived in the city. I really enjoyed gardening in them. It is a lot easier than the very large flat garden we use now. But it was there when we bought our home and it is still working out ok at this time.

Sara said...

Congrats on your win!!

So whatcha planting in your garden?

Sherrill said...

What the heck is a square foot garden?

rubyslipperz1052 said...

1) congrats on being a "winner"...(I'm not going to touch that comment with a "ten foot pole" =P)

2) I'm so jealous that you went on such a fun excursion with your BFF!

3) Yep...I wanna play!! know, the zig-zag thing? yep! that one... =) I'm off to put the button on meee blog!

hugZ ...only a GF...sigh...

Crispy said...

Congrats on the win!! What a fun excursion with your BFF.

Did you get your computer fixed or did you have to buy a new one?


Gmama Jane said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading about your "goings on"!! BTW< I may have told you this but I have the SFG book and have tried and tried to get #1 Husband to get on board and let's do it!! Not interested...he is too intent on planting the garden the old fashioned way. I'm going to use your pictures to win him over so Make it good!!! This concept makes so much sense once you make the dirt.
I've got too many projects going on to commit to the zig zag quilt. I have to learn to say NO..No..No..
Gmama Jane

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