Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Prince Charming

I don't know how many of you are in love with the new fabric line by Tula Pink called Prince Charming but I am totally head over heels over this new line.  Have you seen it?  It is like Hushabye and Neptune had a baby!! LOL  The froggy is especially adorable

Don't discount the snails either.   They are AMAZING!! Probs my second favorite in the line.

My friend Cori at Crazy Quilt Girl is selling this fabric.  You really need to go and get some, oh and tell her she really needs to just get the entire line!!   The hand of the Free Spirit fabrics is so soft, you are going to LOVE these prints, they really are Charming! LOL.

As nuts as I am over this fabric my friend Katy, may be even more so.  Here is Tula's latest artwork shown in another form.

I know she just got this a day ago but isn't it cool?? She needs to get it colored in yet but it is awesome (and I am not really a tattoo fan, but you gotta give it up for such a cool one!!)  In fact if you go to her blog, you will see some of her other amazing tattoos too.  Like Tula Pink's owl from Hushabye. 

All in all run over to Cori's shop and order yourself up some incredible Prince Charming.  We all need a little Prince Charming in our lives don't we?  ~XOP~


Monica said...

I absolutely fell in love with Tula's new line when I saw it at Market. Thank goodness for bosses that let you go to market with them. When I turned the corner to Tula's booth and saw the GIANT prince on the back of a quilt, I was immediately in love. *swoon*

Unfortunately the boss wasn't as thrilled with it as I was because she didn't order any.

Faith said...

Those fabrics are so you Pam! what are you going to make with them? also your freind is so so brave to have a tattoo on her leg wowsa!! over here in the UK leicester getting a tattoo done costs an absolute fortune, Id rather buy batiks or something for my dogs lol

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