Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Fence Almost Complete

I got my Christmas Fence quilt back from my LAQ this week and I am so happy with it.
I asked her to use a birds and berries panto that she has.
She used thread the color of the sashing to quilt it and I am so happy with it. 

 I trimmed it up last night. 
 I just need to put the binding on it now.  
I will be binding it using the same fabric as the sashing.

 If you want to make one just like mine, the tutorial is posted over here.  
I would love to see it if you make one.  
Please post it to my Flickr Group.

I used the Grunge green on the back. 
 I got it at Crazy Quilt Girl's shop if you are looking for backing.
In fact I bought all my fabric for this quilt there.
 The line is Blitzen.  
Stop on in she is having a Super Sale at the moment.  
Great prices and fantastic customer service too!!

Close up of the fabulous quilting!

I'm sorry but Fatty McFatty wanted to say "meow" while I was posting.  
Yes, yes, everyone loves you Aiden!  
Sheesh, needy beast!

Oh and Abbey wants to know if anyone wants to play?  

Silly dog!



Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Your Christmas Fence quilt is fabulous Pam!

Brenda said...

It looks wonderful! One day I may get to use your pattern, but I had decided I have so many unfinished projects that I need to not start anymore large ones. I have fabric for daughter number three's quilt that has been in a bin for almost 2 years and I want to do something special for hubs parents 50 anniversary this next November. I have been looking for a small quilt pattern that has some embroidery about anniversary, have not found just what I am looking for yet.

Kathy MacKie said...

Super quilt and you are ahead for next Christmas right!

dianne said...

i LOVE this quilt - not as much as i love Aiden (even if she IS a needy beast), but a lot lot lot! and Liz did her usual super work in quilting it - she has my girl version of the Christmas Fence quilt ... and i finished up the backing for the boy version, so it is in the pile that is ready to send off to Michigan ... and, NO, i do NOT want to play in the snow!!! said...

What a fantastic quilt! I haven't finished mine but I will this year. Great job on your beautiful quilt.

Diane said...

Pretty quilt. I used the fabric for a quilt for my granddaughter and she claims it is her favourite!

Michele said...

It turned out really sweet. And the fur baby pictures are too.

Sara said...

gorgeousness all the way around:)

Peppi said...

I Love it!! I cant wait for me to finisch mine!! And tell Abbey my Cattle Dog Easy wold Love to come and play!!

Peppi said...

By the way... I love the quilting!! I am looking for a long arm Quilting service in Germany at the moment... there are not so many to choose from...

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