Sunday, January 06, 2013

IKEA Goodness and Scrappy Trip

It was a great weekend over here! 
 I have a lot to share but will break it up into a few posts. 
 My hubby and I put my IKEA cubbies together on Saturday. 
 I pulled a muscle in my back this week so I have not been able to do a lot of moving or
 packing up Christmas (still). 
 I managed to snap a pic of him assembling the bigger unit.

Here are the units all assembled. 
 I did take the dragons down and that shelf too. 
 That's where my TV will be going.

I ran over to Cori's and picked up some stuff that I ordered too. 
 She ave me the cutest little silver bunny and a gift certificate for my Christmas present.
I love that girl!

I don't know if it was just me but I had no idea that there were words on The Proberbial Quilt pattern!
I guess it makes sense but I just thought it was cut up stuff.

I also bought some bias bars. 
I need to make some bias strips for a quilt, for an auction that I had committed to.  

The auction was put on by my daughter and some o her friends to raise money for Wolf Haven via the Teen Wolf Sterek fandom. 
I bought some panels to use to make the quilt. 
 As I was in my *new sewing room* cutting the panels apart and making the squares all the same size, I laid it out on the floor. 
How to put this together. 

 I laid it out like this and then it hit me...BAM!!! 

 I will keep the wolves like this and copy them on the right.  
That leaves a whole in the middle so here's where my brilliant idea comes in...

The fandom is Sterek.
 The 2 characters people in this group are shipping are Stiles and Derek. 
 Derek has a triskelion tattoo on his back. 
 I can use the bias bars to make a triskelion for the center block!!!

Cool right?? 
 I sure hope I can pull that off!! 
 Yeah, embrace your fears baby!!!

Then, and I totally blame Jeannette
She wanted me to cut a 2.5" strip from every piece of fabric I was putting away.
That would have taken way too long!
 I wanted to try the block and see if I even liked making it too before I committed to an entire quilt.  

It was fun to make up this block. 
 Now I have to decide if I want to make it all scrappy or use the fabrics from this line. 
 Peacock with Alison Jane Smith.  

I bought quite a bit of this and along with a few solid prints this would make a great scrappy trip.

So hubby brought up some tubs of fabric and I put those away, unpacked my closet and now I see two more bins waiting for me now too.
I went upstairs to my sewing room around 1:30 and when I looked up it was 5:30!!

OMG I am so in love with having my own space.
I do need an ironing space upstairs though. 
Running up and down the stairs kind of sucked.

Any suggestions for a small ironing space?

I will be having some fabric and other things up for sale on my blog tomorrow.
If you are interested in anything please email me!

Have a great night!
Back to work for me tomorrow, UGH. 
I just want to keep playing in my new space.



Vroomans' Quilts said...

I have a table top mini board, but sometimes use my folding wooden TV tray table - I just fold a towel for the top, but you could use some layers of bat and muslin, tack to the underside to hold.

Impera_Magna said...

Your new cubbies (drooling) are too tall but I've seen a couple of folks use the top of one of the three shelf wire/metal shelving units... put a board on top after covering with batting and stapling/tacking down a fabric cover... and use that as an ironing station with storage underneath!

I'm glad your new sewing space is coming together so well. And all those gorgeous fabrics....

ytsmom said...

I don't know what you mean by a small ironing space, but I have a Steady Betty, and just love it! They come in 3 sizes and are very portable. Hope your back gets better. I did the same thing Cmas night. Not fun!! And I am so jealous that you live close to IKEA!

Karen said...

I've been very tempted to pick up 'Kissing Booth'. Waiting to see what it turns into.

Samantha said...

I have that wolf fabric too. I'm using it in a quilt for my hubby. He is Native American and he has always liked wolves and eagles so I'm making him a wolf quilt and then later I'll use the eagle fabric I have to make him an eagle quilt.

I love your Sterek idea! My kids like Teen Wolf and my daughter regularly shows me pictures Tyler Hoechlin, who's abs she is secretly in love with.. she is over my shoulder laughing, she says "apparently, not so secretly".

Scrapatches said...

Your new sewing room is looking good! I have also been looking at your kitty pictures ... I love my quilty kitties ... and enjoyed your 2012 quilt year in review. May 2013 be a happy quilty year in your new sewing space ... :) Pat

Sara said...

Having your own little space is the best! You could call in sick;)

What a sweet little bunny!

Rachel said...

Love the shelves. Your own space is priceless. Wooden Tv tray from Walmart or wherever, batting, fabric of your choice, staples gun that puppy tight...portable ironing board! I have also seen it where it is just done on a board without legs and used on the cutting table.

Faith said...

So brilliant to read about your new workroom
and I love that tattoo idea.... are you making the wolf quilt to raise money?

Deb said...

I have a folding table, probably 4 ft. long against one wall, on one ending is a board my hubby cut down to the exact width and about 1/2 the length, which I put batting/material stapled to the top as my ironing surface. The other end of the table has my light box for applique.

Karen said...

Your ikea shelves look great!

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