Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Where to Begin?

This weekend was CRAZY! 
More so than usual. 
We re-did our kitchen 9 years ago.
 Hubby said he would put in the tile floor. 
Here we are 9 years later, tile all bought, backer board in place and yet? 
No tiled floor. 

So I finally got the name and number of a tile installer and guess what?
 I have a tiled floor!!!!

This is Ken and how my floor looked before.

 This is my beautiful newly tiled and grouted kitchen floor.
 Woo HOO!!

All my SILs and even one of my BIL's said "call someone, that's what they are there for". 
OMG why did I wait so long??

OK, my internet is down at home, we need a new modem.
 I am going to go get one today after work.

I have a lot to share but will break it up so you are not all bored silly.
I went shopping with my boss's wife and another co-worker to Pink Castle Fabric Shop yesterday.  We spent over 2 hours at Brenda's wonderful shop.
 If you haven't checked her out, her shop has a LOT of great modern fabrics. 
Plus she and her staff are super nice!

My friends bought a LOT of fabric.
  I mean a LOT.
 I bought a little bit. 
I decided to make the Swoon quilt for my nephew for a wedding gift. 
(Crazy Quilt girl has this for sale if you would like to Swoon along with me)
You know you want to!

They wanted navy, white and yellow. 
C'mon now, who are they kidding? 
He graduated from U of M so you know it needs to be Maize and Blue right?
 UGH, why do I always end up using those colors for things?
 It's hard for this old Spartan to do for sure.

Here is the neat little stack of navy and yellows that I picked up. 
I added a couple more yellows from my stash and
bought one more navy online to round it all out to the nine I need.

It sure looks pretty.  
The 2 yellows I added were Pearl Bracelets and Pezzy.  
This is the navy I ordered

Even though I am not a fan of the Maize and Blue this should be a beautiful quilt.

I have some destash to list but will do so later.

I also finished the Wolf quilt and will take pics and post about it later too.

It is like 15 below 0 here today, Brrrrrrrr

Trying to stay warm.

Have a wonderful day and we will talk soon.



Karen said...

My sister's husband is an Ohio State fan and so it trickled down to my nephews. Two Christmases ago I bought these cute/sporty practice pants for my youngest nephew. He opened them, thanked me and then his older brother chirped up saying, "you know those are blue and yellow." I don't think those pants were ever worn.

Sara said...

New floor yippee skippy!!! New fabrics that are drool worthy for sure!!! I didn't know Pink Castle was near you! That is really awesome!

Impera_Magna said...

Those ARE beautiful fabrics... going to be a gorgeous quilt! *drooling*

Congrats on your new tile floor! You must be very pleased with it, yes?

jacquie said...

The floor is amazing! Congrats! You've waited a LONG time for that. Jealous about going to Brenda's shop. Sure would like to visit that myself!

Colleen said...

Wow beautiful floor! I made a swoon for my sisters wedding in Nov. I did purple/pinks for her mixed with penn state blues for him mostly. http://www.flickr.com/photos/luckyduckdreams/8091852309/in/set-72157628708099871/

My Old Quilting Soul said...

Yay! Flooring! It's ridiculous how this is so exciting, but I was equally over the moon with our new carpet :) I'm totally to the point in my life where if I don't call someone to have it done, it won't be. So I've learned to call!

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