Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Doings

My weekend was so unusual this weekend.  
I had to take the dog to the vet because she had a sore behind her ear and it was infected. 
 Much money later she is home and looking like this:

We went out for dinner with some friends that we had not seen in a very long time.  
Dinner was fabulous, too much wine consumed and a lot of laughing and planning. 
 So good to see our friends. 

The over indulgence of Friday night severely limited my Saturday.  
I did drag my sorry self off to Zumba in the am and then showered and 
most certainly did NOT take the world by storm.  
I vegged out on the couch for most of the day. 
 I found a box of fabric that was my grandmother's and thought I would go through that while watching TV so I could pretend that I actually got something done.

There were a lot of sewn blocks in the box. 
 Interestingly enough most of the fabric did not appear to be cotton, but rather fabric from clothing.  My grandma died when I was only 2 so I have no way to know what the fabrics are from 
(and my mom has been gone for 12 years now too, before I found the box).  

I kept holding up fabrics and saying to hubby, 
"I wonder which of these were he very favorite fabrics, the ones she would hoard?" 
 Of course he had no idea what I was talking about, but I bet you all know!  

Maybe I should label those so that when I am gone my girls will know which ones are precious to me? 
 Just a thought.  
I did have some help with the sorting. 
 Hallie knows all about hoarding fabrics. 
 Just look at that protective paw over the fabrics!

Sunday was a much more productive day for me.  
I did laundry, cut the fabrics for my text swap and made binding for the wolf quilt.

I cut 20 FQ's of this text print for the swap.  
I will get 20 different FQ's back!! 
 So excited!

Then it was off to Lowes to get a new refrigerator. 
My kitchen will be so nice very soon.  
New floor, new fridge. 

 Went to the bank and then to the grocery store.  
Put the Christmas tree away, don't ask. 

 Then up to the sewing room to make the Feb blocks for the Ima Bee. 
 Love the block she chose. 
 We were to make 2 of the chosen block and I added one in reverse colors. 
 I hope she likes them. 
 They were fun to make.  
I could see making this block again. 
 I think it would be neat in rainbow colors, with maybe a text or black on white prints for the background.

Back to work for me today. 

 The Bee Vintage bee has begun again too but the Feb blocks have not been selected yet.  
I am looking forward to those too.  
As soon as the wolf quilt is finished I will have a little breathing room to make some new projects.  Can't wait!

How was your weekend?



Annemiek said...

love the febr.blocks. I pinned those, just in case i feel like sewing a mini valentines quilt :)
(and.. uhhh...CHRISTMASTREE???? Okay I won't ask)

Karen said...

How special to have a box of fabric that was your gramma's... I have an old plastic sewing box and pin cushion that was my gramma Kate's and I have my moms too. Each time I open them I smile and tell them both how much I love and miss them. Thanks for the thoughts on labeling which fabrics are "real special" to us. I'm always dragging the granddaughters into the stash area to pick out fabric for a new skirt or tote or clutch or curtains.. I'll remember to show them my very favorite fabrics.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You made up for your lack of productivity in a BIG way... you amaze me. I took care of a new baby and her Mama and two yr. old brother while Daddy worked on Saturday; Sunday was spent napping. I feel like a slug by comparison.

Annemiek said...

Oh, now i read it properly: you got drunk! And saturday was "hangover-day" You disguised that a bit in long words/sentences and immediately switches to pictures of fabric, to distract us.
No wonder I missed that the first time..
No worries, it happens to the best of us..

Anna said...

wow...I am exhausted reading your post! Busy bee! The animal family members are a hoot!

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