Sunday, January 13, 2013

Some Fun and More Destashing

I was involved in a swap of 5" squares and all AMH fabrics. 
 We got all of several lines of her fabric.
  It was a LOT of fun. 
 I need to see what I am missing and see if I can collect the ones I am missing.
 One of the women in the swap got in touch with AMH herself and

 lookie lookie what the gracious AMH sent to each of us!

 A signed 5" square and a note. 
 How cool was that??

I haven't gone through any more fabric but still had one thing left to list from the last time. 
 This line is adorable, but I have to pare my stash down so
 I hope someone out there will want to give this grouping a home. 
 It's called Grounded in Love.

Four sets of this panel $5 

I have 2 pieces of this
1 is 60" x WOF
1 is 1yard x WOF  
Both for 12.50

I have 2 pieces of this one also each is 1 yard x WOF $10

This stripe is so adorable! 
 3 2/3 yards X WOF

Here are some close ups of the stripe.
Adorable, right??

The whole shebang for $45.  How can you resist??

Decided to work on the wolf quilt today instead of packing up Christmas. 
 I may get to that next week.



Sara said...

A signed square by AMH herself? Cool!!!!!

I see that you have the mermaid fabric on Etsy still:) Can I please have a couple yds?

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