Friday, January 18, 2013

Don't You Just Love Newbies?

I find such great joy in teaching new quilters. 
 My dentist's daughter, also my dentist, wanted to learn how to make quilts.
  I told her I would be happy to teach her how. 
 She and I went to the LQS and chose some fabric,  
I lent her a pattern, Take 5 and she came to our Wednesday night meetings.  
We got her quilt cut out before Christmas.
 She hasn't been back due to her work commitments but came back this Wednesday. 
 Here are the fabrics we chose:

Perfectly Perched by Laurie Wisburn and some Kona solids.

On Wednesday night we were going to lay outthe blocks and realized she forgot her pattern. 
 She had her hubby take a photo of her pattern and send it to her! 
So we laid out the blocks and she wanted me to sew the first block. 
 I sat down at her new machine and tried to sew, but the feed dogs would not grab the fabric. 
 I thought they might have been down so I got her manual and found the button and moved it. 
 Guess what happened? 
 The feed dogs dropped! 
I guess they were up after all, but obviously not working very well. 
 So I went to move the button again to raise them and it didn't work. 
  Brand new machine and it's already broken.  

We used another machine at the meeting and made her first block. 
 Isn't she adorable?

I can't wait for next week to make some more blocks!



Johanna said...

How exciting! Bummer on the machine though. Do you know if she had dropped the feed dogs at one time? I figured out on my old machine, if I dropped the feed dogs and tried raise them, they wouldn't stay up until I turned the hand wheel towards me and then I would hear a clunk and I would be ready to go again (I spent way too much time trying to fix that!)I don't have to do it with my new machine though. I'm in love with my new machine, my old one was evil.

beaquilter said...

looks great, love new quilters too!
I had a friend come to finish her first quilt and her machine was acting up too, I tried many different things, it ended up being a bent needle, you couldn't tell by looking at it, but when we removed it, the tip was bent, so I told her to put the needle down when she travels with the machine.

Sara said...

How fun:) Hope her machine is able to be fixed soon.

dianne said...

when my machine (Sven the Viking) gets his shorts in a bunch, the first thing i do is reboot him - it's like giving him a swift kick and a slap upside the fly wheel to get him back in line - ha ha ha!!!

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