Thursday, January 17, 2013

What I've Been Up To

It seems like the time since Christmas has just flown by. 
 I have been working on a few things but don't really have much to show for it. 
 I am still working on the wolf quilt. 
 I have hit a few snags.  
 I have managed to put the inside of the top together.

I don't really want to try to explain all about it without photos so
 maybe tomorrow when I can go home today and take some pictures.  
I did happen to have some help though.

"Oh hi Hallie!"

I am kind of excited about the scrappy trip because I have some fabric that I think will be great for it.
I kind of overbought (understatement of the day).

I liked it and thought my DD would love it as it is peacock fabric and lots of purple.  
Two of her favorites.  
Sadly, she did not so I have a LOT of it and need to make something out of all of it.

I bought some solids to go with it and think it will be an amazing quilt when I get it made.
This will probably not be done for awhile but maybe I will use it for leader and enders?  
I need a new one for this year so maybe.

Two of my nephews are getting married and I will be making quilts for them for their wedding gift.  Any ideas on favorite patterns for this occasion would be appreciated!

I have to share with you what I found when I got home on Tuesday night from work.

No this is not a trick paint spill from Spencer's, it was the real deal.

We have been cleaning the basement and my hubby had brought up this can of paint.  
He had set it on the bench in the dining room and obviously one of the cats knocked it off.  
Thank goodness it was water based.  
A pain to clean up but at least I could clean it up!

I still have not managed to get the tree taken down yet.
Hopefully tonight.
We are going to GR to see my dad on Friday and the tile guy is coming to do our kitchen on Sat.

Don't worry, I'll take lots of pictures of that!
I am not sure what time the tile guy will be there.
At least a before and after as I have Zumba on Sat am.

I have a couple of other projects in the planning stages, but can't really talk about them just yet.
I will say if you think you might like to play along with me
but a charm pack of Kissing Booth by Moda

Still thinking about a QAL is anyone interested?
Or are you all too busy?

LMK if you might like to play along.  
I have to finish my commitments first though.




Rachel said...

I would have had heart failure at the paint. Seriously. We had a flood a few years ago. My carpet had to be ripped out of the family room. It took us 6 months of concrete floors to agree on what to put down. Flooring is not fun for me. LOL Wish I could play in a QAL, but there is absolutely NO time to be had around here. I will be watching though!

Lynda said...

Be sure to be there when your tile guy is working, I had my kitchen backsplash retiled a couple of years ago using 1"x2" subway tiles and about half way through I was looking at the pattern emerging, and had my guy make some slight changes which we was happy to make at that point in the process - as he explained, speak now or forever hold your peace. The finished result was beautiful.

Brenda said...

I have sooo many projects in the making and I am trying to organize myself also. Have you shown your new sewing room yet after shelves? Wondered if I missed anything. I love those fabrics and I am not a purple loving person at all. But I do love it with the colors you have put together. I will check out what you are doing and see if it is something I can work into my time....The paint mess, I would have freaked

Colleen said...

My tree is still up too". It's hasn't started to loose its needles and we have had rain for the last week.

dianne said...

the only wedding quilt that i've made was a log cabin ... oh yeah, and the signature quilt of dragonflies (which i do not think i will EVER be talked into again - a signature quilt, that is)...

WHO cleaned up the paint?!? the last time i spilled paint, i let it dry and then peeled it up - but that wasn't on my hardwood floors - i would have FREAKED OUT if it had been my hardwood floors!!!

Jawed Ali said...

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