Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wolf Quilt Progress

I have been diligently working on the wolf quilt. 
 It began with a panel, 2 actually, and some wolf border fabric. 
 Have you watched Teen Wolf?  
It's on MTV and it is young and fun. 
 My eldest DD is the one so involved with the fandom. 
 Recently they were raising money for Wolf Haven
 They are a wolf conservation society.  
They were hoping to raise enough money to sponsor the wolf pack for a month. 
 So far they have raised over $10,000 so far!!!  

My plan for the quilt? 
 Use the panel in a circle around a triskelion.  
One of the characters in the show has the triskele tattooed on his back.  
I decided to use the same triseklion as corner stones in the outer border. 
 There was not enough of the wolf fabric for the border so I added words.  
The winner chose the words. 
 So here is the quilt in progress.

 First I had to trace the triskelion.  It was in a 16.5" square so my light box was not big enough.  I used the window for the tracing.

 Here it is all appliqued down.

 I cut the panel apart and put in sashing. 
 The triskelion went in the center.

Then I traced and appliqued the 4 corner triskeles 

Next up was tracing the words and doing the applique. 
 Thank goodness I could watch season 1 of Dowton Abbey as
 it took me about 4 hours to get all that appliquing finished!

Notice that I got a new TV for my sewing room too!!!!
I was able to watch Dowton Abey on the Blue Ray player.

The light box sure came in handy for this project!

I was pretty excited to figure out how to make the font of my words match the Teen Wolf font!

All finished!

I decided to put wolf fabric on either side of the words to make a top and bottom border like this

I split the rest of the wolf fabric you see in this border, vertically to make the side borders. 
 I had to piece them and managed to piece them so they matched almost perfectly. 
 That was great!  

I didn't manage to get a photo of the finished top but will show the quilt once I get it back.

I handed it off to Liz today to work her quilting magic.

Now I can work on the next two projects.
Have you chosen a Valentines project?  
I'll be sharing one soon.
If you want to play along get your favorite Valentine fabric, a charm pack will do.
One plainish coordinate, oh a FQ or half yard should do 
and a yard of background fabric.

I can't say more about it than that but it is going to be fun!

Have a wonderful day!



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