Friday, January 25, 2013

Pattern Destash. Ready?

As I am setting up my sewing room I am going through things I know I just won't have time for.  Seems a shame to let all these beautiful patterns languish in a drawer right?  
I thought I would post photos here.  If you are interested please send me an email and
 I will let you know shipping costs and get you hooked right up with a new pattern or 2.  
All patterns are $4.

                                                                              Driftwood is sold

                               Quarter Scramble is sold

                                      American Jane is sold                 Fractions is sold

                            Hopscotch is sold

                            Tipsy is sold                               Midge is sold

So if there is a pattern or patterns here you just have to have please email me at
and we can work something out!

I told you I went to Pink Castle with my friends but 
I forgot to show you the photos of them with their fabric selections.  
Forgive the photos, bad phone pics.

My friend Judith

 My friend Robin

I leave you with a photo of the stalker from last night = ) 

Have a great weekend and happy sewing! 



Anna said...

oh someone is going to have a lot of fun! I made that hop scotch quilt and the pattern was the best pattern I had ever read! shopping with girlfriends is so much more fun, isn't it?!

pizzaeater said...

I can't seem to find your email. I am interested in Hopscotch pattern.

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