Wednesday, August 29, 2018

I Did It!

I totally finished the additional 6 quilts last night. 
 First I went out to dinner with my good friend at a new (to me) place for mediterranean food.  
Let me just say it was AMAZING!  
If you live in the Canton area you need to go and check out the Sheikh.  Here is their website.  
Fresh hot bread, amazing garlic sauce and their hummus...YUM!

OK back to the quilts.  
I just had to put on binding last night (yes, *just that*) . LOL .
 Of course, since I was at work all day, when I got home the boys wanted my attention.  
So as I sat down to do binding, I had BOTH of them "helping" me!

Here are all 6 finished.

Some shots of the quilting.

I used up some of the binding scraps on one of the quilts.

I love my SIL and she is one of the only people I would kill myself like this for.  PHEW!  
I am happy they are all done, now I just need to get them to her!



Shasta Matova said...

Six quilts in one night! It would take me 12 years to finish 6 quilts!

Laura said...

A labour of love! Makes my heart glad.

Bettina Groh said...

everything is super cute!! I can't imagine getting all that done so quickly!!

mtquilter said...

Wow! You ARE Wonder Woman! Way to go! I have also started using decorative stitches for binding. I used to hand bind all my quilts but now I machine stitch a lot of them especially kids and charity quilts. The kids will love those!

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