Thursday, August 23, 2018

My Mouse Block and My Life

I've been doing some pattern testing for Quilt Genius for her Mad Scientist quilt.  
The latest block was done at my suggestion and inspiration.  
I sent her a photo of what I thought it should be and she worked her magic to make it happen. 
I absolutely LOVE this block.  
My favorite of the entire series so far.  
Her pattern for this should be available in the near future 
(September, I think, if you need to make one too).
We work with C57B/6 mice and they are a super dark brown with black eyes.
I decided to try to re-create that mouse for my block.  
If you look close the fabric looks like swirls of fur!

Cole was in my room "helping"

Then Melissa from Weird Cats painted my Finny with Hallie creeping in the background and Jack hanging out.  It is so cute!  I, of course, had to buy it.  I plan on getting it framed and giving it to my husband for Christmas.

Speaking of him, guess who bought himself a brand spankin new fishing kayak?

Happy Thursday!



scrappy; said...

Such a cute mouse. I thought he was licking the top of a milk bottle (silly me!) until I read your explanation. Love the block.

Ioleen said...

Nice block. I may have to make one for my friend who works with mice at the University of British Columbia.

Judy in Michigan said...

I never knew a retiree who when shopping in a shirt and tie! LOL Kayaking looks like great fun. I should try it. Love the mouse!

chrisknits said...

I love the mouse! BioGirl had 2 options for her grad school subject and one was going to involve mice testing. I don't know which one she chose, I am think it was not the mouse one. Cute cats!!!

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