Thursday, August 02, 2018

Tiger's Game With Work

Yesterday was a fun day spent with my hubby and my work mates.  
My boss chartered a bus and we all went downtown Detroit to Comerica Park for a Tiger's game!  
I am not a huge baseball fan but I had a lot of fun.

First is the gigantic charter bus and all the snacks and drinks (I only drank Diet Coke though).  
I am trying to get better about taking people pictures when we are out and about.  
Here we are on the bus.

I'm sure you all know my fascination with cats on a good day but how can you beat all these amazing tigers everywhere you go at this stadium?

These two are on top of the stadium.

As are these two

This guy is right out front!  He is my favorite!

We stopped in at a shop and they had this vintage "take your photo with a Tiger" so I did!

Here we are under the gigantic stone tiger.

I love this tile work so much.  Wouldn't this make an amazing quilt?

A tiger carousel.  Ah, yes please! (I'm totally riding this next year!)

Tigers lit up to the baseball ferris wheel?  Amazing!

Us at Comerica park?  Priceless!

Someone even got our lab put up on the big screen!  How fun!!

It was such a fun day.  The Tigers won, the day was overcast but beautiful, just the right temp!

I was tired but happy after my day at the ball park.




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