Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday sPam

When I email with LTW she always calls it sPam (since my name is Pam). Isn't she so clever? I am sorry I have not posted much this week but it has been a mixed up kind of week. DH was in Las Vegas all week and is due home tonight. That is a good thing. Halloween is tomorrow and I love that holiday. I didn't decorate this year and my friends can't figure it out. One even told me it must be the end of the world beginning, lol. Boy I sure hope I am not the one that starts that!!

I was home from work today because I didn't feel very well. I think I need some time off of being around "people". Is that wierd? Last night I was getting ready to go to CHV and quilt when I had to speak with the woman in charge of the Christmas craft show that the CL's are entered in. It was not a pleasant conversation and that was not the best way to begin the evening! She thought we had promised her a quilt to raffle off at the church. We had asked for her to waive the booth fee and then told her we would be able to give her a quilt but she didn't want to do that so we told her we would discuss with the group and get back with her. LSS, we forgot and she never contacted us again until last night and the show is in a month (first Sat in Dec). Now, I *know* I could make something nice but again, she never confirmed and she assumed the answer was yes. I feel that if we paid our fee like everyone else we are not obligated to donate something so big as a quilt for the raffle. I know there are a few other donations but no one is donating something so big. So we would be out our fee, the cost of making the quilt and the lost profit from selling said quilt. Understand that the church does not give us any money to do what we do but they let us use the facility to meet and we give quilts to people that are ill in the parish. We also donate a quilt each year to a sister parish as a personal favor to our priest. Well, this woman was soooo angry with me she actually hung up on me! What would you do?

So I think all the stress made me feel ill today. My head hurts and so does my throat, ears and stomach. I guess I will survive. I made the Apple Hill cake Kim had on her blog and am taking it to work tomorrow. I took some photos and will post tomorrow. (Cord is at work). I also worked on a little making a little quilt from the scraps of my FS quilt. I'll show you that tomorrow too (yep, I need some way to lure you all back!)

Anyway, Supernatural is about to begin so have a good night and I will post more tomorrow!!


Vicki H. said...

Ahhh, people. I have had that kind of week too. I think a simple, NO , I am sorry there has been a misunderstanding would be my response and a hang up would mean NO QUILAT FOR U!!!How rude.

dot said...

Get well soon, I need you to hold me up through next week. Keep our country in prayer.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Well that is one big, fat bummer! You feel better, no one has the right to make you get that stressed and feel that bad. She did have the responsibility to get back to you beforehand to confirm those details. No response is NOT an affirmative one. I am worried about you not decorating for Halloween, though...

Anonymous said...

Tsk!take a piece of that delicious cake, sew something to relax and 'BOO" her!!!Next time you meet: smile and ignore!
Hope you've enjoyed 'supernatural' i watch that too every week!

Darling Jill Quilts said...

I agree - she didn't confirm, no quilt for her! Good luck and keep us posted!

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