Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The BEST Mother's Day EVER!!

I remember how much I loved Mother's day when my kids were small. Then they got older and it was not such a big deal, which was OK. When they were little my DH made sure they made me breakfast in bed and then there were the homemade things, awesome, right? Then they got bigger and it was not really quite as important, ok. I was really OK with that until my DH told me he wasn't going to do anything since "You are not my mother". OUCH!! That hurt my feelings. Then my own mom passed away and that made Mother's day even sadder. So each year I try not to expect too much, just having them all home makes me happy. BUT...this Mother's day was soooo different. My DD1 decided to hatch a plan, a plot if you will, to make this a day to remember.

Now you should remember that she is also the same one that drove my dad and sister to graduation and back home, then back to our home landing her here around 2am Sunday morning. Well, she was up at the crack of dawn and roused DH to get up also. I knew that I should stay put so I lounged in bed with Jack (our cat). Eventually they came upstairs bearing this!
Mother's Day 076
Now see who was sooo interested in assisting me,
Mother's Day 081
You are so lucky I like you enough to share such a BAD picture of me but look at how intently Jack is watching my food! It was homemade chocolate chip pancakes. You can't see it very well but in the bowl of fruit, the strawberry on top is heart shaped! Also on the tray was this note, basically stating that anything I ate or drank would contain NO points for the whole day!! (and YES my middle name is Mei)
Mother's Day 078
Well, I was so touched by all this planning. I was told I had to get up and shower next. So I did that and then I got to sew for a little while and I had to laugh when I looked over and saw this
Mother's Day 085
What's funny about this is that Aiden (the orange one) hates the calico (Hallie) so it was hysterical to see her using Hal's backside for a pillow.

Next it was a ride in the car BLINDFOLDED! That's right, I said it. I was sure passersby would think I was being kidnapped. No one cared. We drove awhile and then parked and I had to get out blindfolded. We walked into a building and then all was revealed. The Relax Station. I was in for a back massage and a foot massage.
Mother's Day 087Mother's Day 088
Yes, HI! This is what my face looked like while I was being massaged. All ready for my foot massage now thank you very much.
Mother's Day 089Mother's Day 090
MMMMMMMMMMMM foot massage, by Eric...
Mother's Day 091
Next up I was back in the car with a blindfold on again. We didn't go far and I was out of the car and into another building. Are you ready for this?? For a FULL body massage!!
This is me waiting
Mother's Day 093
And here is what I looked like on the table. I posted this to my Flickr account and it got soooo many hits and some strange woman tagged it as a "favorite". Should I be creeped out by that? As I was undressing DD1 pulled out the camera and I kept saying "Don't take any pictures, no one wants to see that" and she slowly brought the camera up and SNAP, she took one of me in my skivies (I am not going to show you , or anyone else that so you can breathe again!!)
Mother's Day 097
This is me with Julia, the massage therapist, after the massage. DD1 says it looks like I was hit by a massage truck! Well my contact was all dryed out and I had LOTS of oil in my hair.
We got back into the car and went home. I don't remember much I was a pile of jelly. Made it home and when I opened the door what to my wondering eyes should appear?? but a clean house and a bouquet of Lillies!
Mother's Day 101
YEP while we were gone the boys cleaned the downstairs and there was a beautiful bunch of lillies for me (well they are beautiful now that they are open) and this sweet and amazing card.
Mother's Day 102
I cried. You would have too.
I thought I was done but wait...there's more. I was told we were going out for dinner. We went to Red Robin. If you have never gone there you should. Their mushroom burger is to die for. (But oooo the points, except for today) Then I find out the DD2, the recent graduate, is driving down just to have dinner with us. Oh yes, BTW she had given me some of the most amazing make up for Mother's Day too. Bare Minerals, which I love. I don't wear much makeup but this doesn't feel like makeup and it makes your face look fantastic!! But I digress. So dinner was amazing. We had the same waitress we had had the last few times we were there too which was funny. This pic is all of us with Margie, our waitress.
Mother's Day 109
Then DD1 and I were trying to take a pic of ourselves with a camera and this is the best we could come up with, which makes us both look like we are all pointy chin and stuff.
Mother's Day 105
What can I say, we stink at that but we had fun.

It is difficult for me to express how much this day meant to me. I love my family but sometimes feel like they don't really understand how much I really do and have done for them. Apparently they do. Thank you so much, especially DD1, for this wonderful day. I will cherish it for the rest of my life. You done good. I love you all very much!


Allie said...

Well! I think your family wins the best day for Mum contest!!! Oh you spoiled rotten girl you - and look how SKINNY you look!!!!!

Crispy said...

WOW what a fantastic day you had!! HUGE bonus points to your family (and they aren't even fattening points LOL).


Kelly Ann said...

a day like that is worth having kids for...now lets see if they can top it next year...just sayin kids...you set the bar pretty high...

dianne said...

okay ... oh-kay ... we'll just skip the mother's day i had and go with YOURS!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You deserve this... (after that birthday fiasco) your kids are the best!

Corrine said...

WOW what a day!!! Jou have great kids. And BTW you look verry good!!

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