Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bravo Mr. McClintock, Bravo

After the president of Mexico spoke to our congress and called us out on our immigration policies and after some of our own congressmen and women applauded his doing so, Tom McClintock (R) of California had this to say:

I agree whole heartedly with what he has to say. Thanks for sharing what many Americans have in their hearts!


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cynthia said...

Perhaps it's best to leave politics out of quilting blogs

Anonymous said...

Is this just a quilting blog? Perhaps Mama's world contains a whole lot more than just quilting. Thanks for posting this. I hadn't seen it anywhere else. Blessings.

soggybottomflats said...

Very timely, thank you and big hugs, Elaine

(all of my great grandparents were immigrants from Russia, Norway and Sweden. One of my great-grandmothers was a midwife and quilter. They all came thru Ellis Island and spoke English. And it will not hurt my feelings if you erase my comment, I still love ya man!)

Mama Spark said...

Just an FYI this blog is about my LIFE which includes my political and religious opinions. No one is forcing you to read those posts though so feel free to skip over whatever you are not interested in.

Kedreeva said...

Dear Cynthia,

Please see my post to Mary in the comments of the entry after this one. The same shit applies to you. This isn't a quilting blog it's a personal blog that has quilting in it. So if your delicate senses are offended by the rest of life as it happens in Mama Spark's world (hi, that's the title of the blog you've been reading.... world implies.... the whole world, not just quilting. Because then it would be called Mama Spark's Quilting Blog) then you don't have to read. No one is making you and no one promised you quilting 24/7 so your comment is just rude and clueless. Who are you to tell Mama Spark what she can and can't write in her own personal blog? Does she do that to you? Don't tell her what to do.

Of course you're free to express an opinion like Hey Mama Spark, I don't agree with your views. But telling someone what not write.... WOW I mean could you be more full of yourself? Is that how your mama raised you? To be entitled enough that you feel you're able to tell people you don't know what to do with their lives? That they should be writing their PERSONAL BLOGS tailored to your wants? Well screw you! I don't think the hand of god came down and gave anyone that privilege, even you.

And no, I don't support or agree with Mama Spark's political views but I would NEVER be so crass as to tell her that her thoughts and feelings don't belong on her blog.

Diva Kreszl said...

AMEN!!! my parents immigrated to this great country in the 1920's and did so legally, I believ in immigration, legal immigration, how can an illegal immigrant be entitled to the same rights as our US citizens, they are not US citizens!

prashant said...

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