Thursday, May 06, 2010

It's Been a Bunny Hill Week So Far

I have been busy working on my Rabbits Prefer Embroidery and have managed to finish another block. I think I may actually have more of them finished rather than unfinished. Slow and steady, right? right? Please tell me I'm right. I took the pic yesterday without pressing but you get the idea right?

Block 8 RPE

The next project (which I have absolutely NO business beginning something new) is A Tisket A Tasket. This was a free BOM by Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill. If you have been here before you know I have a real love of all things Bunny Hill. I loved the pattern but wanted to do it a little differently. I saw how Monica at the Happy Zombie did hers and I was HOOKED!! So Monica I am copying off of you. You all *NEED* to go and check out her blog. She has a new line of fabric coming out soon that will knock your sox off!! I am less of a yellow fan so am using a green polka dot for the background. Like her I am using Sweet by Moda for the blocks (I think she also used Swell, but I don't happen to have that one) Pretty sure I will live. So you see it will be my own too. I have the first 2 blocks fused now, so all I have to do is blanket stitch around them. Then the embroidery. I am so excited!! I am going to show these to you but remember they are just begun so...
Here is January
Tisket a Tasket Jan
And here is February
Tisket a Tasket Feb

I'll be interested in knowing what you think of these. I LOVE how they are turning out so far!

Now I need to make a label and sew it on the gigantic "S" quilt for DD2's college graduation on Sat.


Jeanne said...

Love your bunny basket blocks! You colors and fabrics and really cute. I have my backgrounds cut and ready, but that's it so far.

sophie said...

I love the ric-rac handles on your baskets!

Gari said...

I love that you are doing your blocks so differently. I think that is what make the quilt yours.

Allie said...

Your little stitchery is darling Pam, and oh I LOVE your blocks!!! I really love Monica's take on that quilt, and I was going to copy her too, lol.

Crispy said...

I love your Tisket Taskets, so bright and cheerful!! I stalled out on these after making the first two but I'll get back to them eventually :0)


dianne said...

slow and steady is how i work on HPV, so i think that is the way to go with bunnies prefer embroidery, too ... well, to be HONEST, i am SLOW and maybe NOT so steady with HPV

i couldn't look at your tisket tasket baskets cuz they're not available right now - but i'll just bet they are cutie-patootie

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Both the embroidery block and the two Tisket blocks are adorable Pam! Keep up the beautiful work.

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