Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Sixth block in the Jelly roll Quilt-A-Long

You would not think that I should have had sooooo much trouble with this block. It's only straight lines. So I put it together and thought, "There, I'm done." I went to put it with the others and realized I forgot the borders.
JRQA Block 6 007See? No outside borders.
I took a minute and cut the borders. Did I actually *read* the directions? No I did not so guess what? The second set was not cut the correct size, *sigh*. I can fix this, I'll just have to sew some together, and there will be a seam, that's OK, right? So I attached them. Notice anything wrong with this block?
JRQA Block 6 008 Sure you do, the pink print goes one way in the blocks and one way on the border. It has been amazing to discover just how much of the Verna line is actually directional. It makes it a lot more challenging to work with, that's for sure! I had to ask myself, how much will this actually bother me? You be the judge.
JRQA Block 6 009
Enough to rip it apart and re-do the 4 patch units then sew it back together again.
JRQA Block 6 010
Now it's right and I am a happy little bunny.
JRQA Block 6 011

On a positive note, I switched my weigh in at WW to Sat morning so it will be the same as at the gym. Well, I lost another 4 pounds this past week bringing the grand total to 35.4 pounds lost so far.

Well DD2 is home and I need to get out in the garden and pull some weeds. Hope you all have a wonderful day today and enjoy your day!


Allie said...

Oh Pam you are too funny - I would've left it, it would not have bothered me at all. Love the little bunny!
Congrats on 4 more - you rock!

Needled Mom said...

I am glad that I haven't started mine yet. I can learn from you!!! It looks great!

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