Friday, May 07, 2010

Picnik and Photo Editing

I will have to admit that I am not the most computer savy individual. That being said, neither am I a complete idiot on the computer. I usually upload my photos to Flickr. I have seen where individuals put their name and the © symbol on the photo. So I asked someone about how to do that. As you can see I can do this in blogger (and all my other applications so far) but I can't seem to be able to figure out how to do it in the photo editing app of Picnik. I use a Mac. I have a little PC lap top at home but here at work I use my Mac (Which I am totally in love with BTW).

So here is what is happening at Picnik. I grab my photo, go to "create" and into the text box. I can type in "Mama Spark 2010" then I use ALT/g and the © appears in the text box. When I apply this to the actual photo the © becomes a ? ACK!!

Now because you are all so smart or maybe you just know really smart people I am thinking you might be able to help me with this problem. Once I get something to work from my Mac I will put the info here so EVERYONE else will know how to do it too.

How are you all doing today? It is dreary and rainy here. I spoke to my sister yesterday and she scared me a little about how my dad is doing. She says, through tears, "he doesn't feel well". Well, he doesn't feel well "how?" Like he has a cold or he is dying? BIG difference, right? I called him this am and his hips are hurting. He has had both of them replaced sometime ago, so I am sure they need to be replaced again. Do they do that at 83? So far it is not keeping him off the golf course, LOL. I am sending DD1 to pick him and my sister up for the graduation tomorrow. She will go the 2 hours to his house today and then drive him to Lansing for dinner and graduation and then drive them home. I think she will spend the night and come home on Sunday.

DD1 is plotting with the rest of the fam some BIG adventure for me on Sunday. She has been sitting next to me cackling about it and plotting it all week. Fun to watch her enjoying the torture of me! She is a good kid and willing to help me out with my dad and sister so my mind will be eased about them getting there without incident. Love ya, kiddo!

Now get working on my Mac/Picnik problem will you all?? XOO

OK, I got this! Under stickers and Photo licensing, is the elusive © symbol! TA DA. Thank you Jenn for pointing me in the right direction!! Now I can label my photos!


Purple Quilter Queen said...

If you go under the Stickers tab and scroll down to Photo Licenses, the C symbol is there. Try that and let me know if you see it. Jenn I love!!!

Very Mary said...

pssst... fabric up for grabs over at my blog this weekend!

Allie said...

Glad you got it figured out Pam, I'm going to do that too, but in photoscape.
I'll be praying for your dad - can't wait to see what adventure is planned for you!

Crispy said...

Hey, I've been using Picnik for a long time and didn't know that!! Wonderful what you learn by blog reading LOL.

I hope you dad feels better very soon, I'll keep him in my thoughts.

I wonder what adventure you will be going on :0)


Kim D. said...

I use picnik as well and didn't realize they have the copy write symbol.. That's good to now, will see if I can use it next time. I have a Mac at home and love it.
I hope your dad is feeling better and you have a lovely Mother's Day!!

Jocelyn said...

I do not have a Mac, but I would like to know how you put the signature on blogger, being that you said you can do it from there. And I am NOT computer savvy :-S

Kathy said...

That's a good tip! I'm going to look for that when I edit my next photos and give it a try.

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