Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gardening with my Friends

I have needed to get out in the garden for so long now and beat the weeds under control but it has been so wet out that I haven't been able to do anything lately. Yesterday I finally had a nice sunny day and also some great helpers (or at least one really good helper). DD2 happened to come home and told me she would help me weed (not a job anyone else will help me to do) so we gloved up and went out in the front yard first. I didn't get any before pictures but trust me it needed to be weeded! As we were weeding we saw this beauty, just hanging out on a bush.
Gardening 003
It was beautiful and about as big as my hand! It stayed there quite awhile. We also saw a million toads! We were moving the rocks and re-doing them as the grass grows between them and they sink in so every spring I pull the grass and move them around a bit. I didn't think to take any pics of the toads either, or the billion wolf spiders with their egg sacs (you're welcome). DD2 decided to work under some of the bushes moving rocks around.
Gardening 006
Nice shot of her by our Mustang.
The BIGGEST helper though was Hallie. She was the Hosta inspector first.
Gardening 005
Next she made a wonderful look out cat.
Gardening 008
Followed by some very patient weed flattening. A difficult job to be sure.
Gardening 009Gardening 011
I have more gardening adventures planned for today. I need to take advantage of the sunshine and lack of rain while I can.


Allie said...

Nice mustang! My favorite color for a car *G*
Egg sacs. SPIDER egg sacs. No wonder I don't garden. Great shot of the dragonfly, and SO glad you didn't take pics of the spiders!

Mary-Kay said...

Hey, if you really feel ambitious, you can come to my house and do the weeding. Nice car too! I used to have one of those but we had to get rid of it- no air. That's how long ago we had it.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Those are some splendidly impressive photos, love that variety of Hosta... and, a pretty spiffy cat too! Digging in the dirt is tonic for the soul.

Sherrill said...

Oh MAN, I never thought about pressing the Fangster into weed-flattening duty!! That is TOO FUNNY! Course, he would just spent all his time eating grass then coming in the house and HURLING! HA (YUCK)

Maggey and Jim said...

Aren't those DD's indispensable?? Is that bug real.. Looks like something you buy at Hobby Lobby??

prashant said...

That is very impressive snaps.
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