Monday, September 27, 2010

The Rest of the Weekend

Now we will go on to the things I managed to get finished this weekend. I sewed together the back for the JRQAL top using the green I showed you previously. It needed to be slightly longer so I cut it in half and took ~ a 10" strip of Kona Snow and bordered it with left over pieces from the Verna JR. Then I sewed that in the middle of the green and voila, my back was finished. No photo, I forgot to take one and I am handing it off today. I also got the binding made for this quilt. YEAH, one down!

Then the MSU football game was on so I felt like I needed to do some hand work while watching the game. I tried embroidering on the IKEA towel, but the weave is so loose I didn't like the results, although I did get one finished. So I picked up my Rabbits Prefer Embroidery and finished one of those blocks. (Sorry about the bad photo, but at least there was one!)
RPE block 9
Another finish!!

Next up I had pinned a Texas fleece panel to some black fleece and I needed to sew around it to actually finish it. I sewed, turned and top stitched and now this one is finished and waiting for Christmas to be a gift for my DS!
Texas 02
Yeah, another finish!! Don't you just love it when you get stuff done??

Next up? I had the body of the crazy rail quilt done and it just needed the borders, so I got those put on, seamed and back and again, another finish!
Crazy Baby 02Crazy Baby 04
I just love this quilt, so easy to make and so forgiving! Off to LTW's house now! I cut the binding but did not sew it together yet.

I kid you not, I literally had this quilt folded up on my sewing table, I turned around to pick up something and when I turned back this is what I saw.
Autumn 01
Autumn was already playing quilt inspector! I think it passed, LOL.

So my Sat and Sunday were pretty productive. I feel pretty good about that. I have decided to go to NYC with my DH for the week. As my BFF PTM said, since I am driving I could take it with me to work on. We will see how far I am by the time we go.

Now I have a question for you all. Remember Matt? The soldier friend of mine that we made a quilt for after he was injured in Afghanistan? Well he is getting married in December in Vegas. There will be an engagement party this weekend. I want to give them a quilt. What about the JRQAL quilt? Do you think this would be appropriate? It turned out to be a little smaller than a twin, more like a throw. They will live in Hawaii where Matt is stationed so I thought it would fit in well there. OK or too girly? Thoughts?


Quilt n Queen said...

I'm glad you are going to NYC with your DH but I will miss you. The JRQAL quilt will be perfect for Hawaii. Lucky newly weds. I made it to Vive this morning.

Saska said...

a TEXAS fleece? for shame.

I think the purple quilt would be fine for the newlyweds. It's bright and cheerful.

Allie said...

Man-you have been productive! Love the crazy rail quilt. Congrats to Matt and his bride to be! Not sure about the JRQAL quilt, it might be a little girly - I think you could make one by December, or will you need it done by this weekend?

Mrs Quilty said...

I think the JRQAL quilt would be a perfect gift for the newlyweds! It's wonderful! (Had to look back aways on your blog to find it!) It is gorgeous. I am working on one of Kimberly Einmo's JRQ's and it's so pretty, I can't wait to finish it!

Meredith said...

Love the rabbit redwork~!

Crispy said...

Goodness you have been busy!! I too think the quilt will be perfect for Hawaii...though probably won't be used very much in that tropical climate :0)


dianne said...

girly is good - half of the couple is girl and Matt already has a masculine quilt...

i gave the University of Nebraska fleece panels to my niece to make throws for her dad - he just LOVES the Huskers ... i spent a year making his quilt and i decided SHE could tie the ties (around the panels) instead of me - ha ha ha!

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