Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Castle Peeps Quilt Top

First things first. The morning when I was almost to work my DD1 and I saw what looked to be an accident on the corner we drive past. Loads of emergency vehicles and a BIG bus...with someone laying on the ground. Oh no, someone was hit by a bus! I dropped DD1 off at her entrance and went into the lab. A little while later she texted me to tell me that the person that got hit was her friend, Kelly that she works with!!! I found out, just a little while ago, that there were no broken bones and *only* soft tissue trauma, only? SHEESH!!! She was released from the hospital and sent home. So if you think you are having a bad day just be thankful you are not Kelly!! Please keep her in your prayers, she is going to be one sore girly tomorrow!!

Now on to happier things. I told you I would show you my latest quilt top and so here it is:
Castle Peeps
I am totally in love with this fabric and with this quilt! Isn't it adorable? Before you all go asking me where I got the pattern here you go. It is a free pattern from Lizzy House (the designer of the fabric). It took me almost no time to make this beauty. I am so excited about it.

I went looking for quilting patterns too and found one called Dragon Riders by Meadowlyon Designs. It will be perfect for the 4 large horizontal areas. I still need to decide what to do in the little one. I am thinking of putting the baby's name. That means I have to wait until he is born (you never know if they will change their name choice!) I also found a castle to use for the outer border that has penants on it and everything! I left that one at home so I can't tell you where I found it (and I can't find it again now when I am trying to do that!!) I will put bricks up the actual castle with some vines. I think it will be awesome!! The only part I didn't like about making this quilt was the roof on the castle. I printed out the templates and measured them but they didn't work out quite right. I fiddled around with it and it turned out alright, but if I make another one of these I will have to figure that template out! Or figure out a way around it, LOL!! If anyone reading this has made this and done something different, let me know!

This quilt makes me happy! I am also happy that my DD1's friend will be OK. I plan to go to the funeral home tonight to be there for one of the quilt ladies who lost her mother on Friday. Hopefully it will help lift her spirits, I think that's the best I can aim for under the circumstances, don't you??

I am so very excited for tomorrow!! I will be the featured guest on Stash Manicure!!! I have an awesome post about a 365 day quilt that I made. Don't forget to check it out. There will be a giveaway associated with that post too so stay tuned. You will have to comment there and do something on this blog as well to be eligible to win Trust me when I say you will want to come back and check it out!! Until tomorrow then.


~Laurie~ said...

I love this fabric too! Thanks for sharing the pattern - another one for me to bookmark! Good luck tomorrow at the Stash Manicure - it will be great to see you there. PS - Thank goodness about Kelly - lucky girl!

Brenda said...

This quilt is very cool!!! I love the colors too. I will be by tomorrow and to Stash Manicure to see what you are up to. Had the injection in my back today so I am not doing much. But tomorrow or Thurs. I am going to lay out the strips I cut to figure out their placement so I will be ready for Friday. I may even start sewing them so I have time to add the boarders after making them. I am starting to get excited my daughter is going to be geeked. I am picking up her two youngest boys on Sat. morning and I am hoping to take the quilt top to surprise her with it. That is my happy and you know what my finish will be! I sure am finding there is no way I am going to have a finish everyday so I am hoping to at least have one a week!

Quilt n Queen said...

Hope Kelly isn't too sore tomorrow....I'm sure she will have mega bruising. Luv your 'Castle Peeps' quilt.....and I can't wait till tomorrow to read Stash Manicure....

Allie said...

That poor girl - yes, she will be very sore tomorrow! My uncle tangled with a bug and lost the use of his leg.
Your quilt is really darling!

Shari said...

I just love it! What an effective use of a quilt story - some little one is going to be very happy!

Anonymous said...

I LOve the quilt top! Its beautiful!

Lee said...

It is very nice - I love the quilt on StashM too. Very cool idea and thanks for sharing. I would love to make one for my daughter!

Faith said...

I love the modern design Pam so fresh and so different....x

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