Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday Night Sew In

Last night was the FNSI. I took the day off work. I went to the gym in the morning and did Zumba then PTM and I went to the Sally Ann (Salvation Army) thrift shop. On Friday and Saturdays the ticket color of the week is 5 items for $5!! I got some more silk and linen. In addition all linens were 75% off!! I scored some GREAT vintage linens. YESSSS. Then we had to decide what to do after we were done (2 hours later). I drove home and gathered up the things I wanted to work on and then met PTM at my favorite place for lunch. (No shower either...EW!!) We then drove to her place to sew. There were a couple of things we wanted to work on and we managed to get quite a bit finished or or least loads of progress made.

PTM and I are working on Mug Rugs for a Mug Rug contest being held by Madame Samm on her blog. If you are creative you should think about doing it too. It is supposed to represent you. You all know that I love aqua and green, strings and owls so here is what I came up with.
FNSI  January 2011 002
I still need to stitch around all of the pieces, and then quilt it. I was just pleased to get it this far! So what do you think? I was a mug rug virgin!!

Next up for the night was to put together my Birdie Stitches block for that BOM over at Little Miss Shabby's blog. Any of you guys doing it? I finished my stitching on Wednesday night and put the block together on Friday night. I used Dream On for my fabric.
Birdie Stitches Blcok 1 004Birdie Stitches Block 1 005
I'm lovin' how it came out! I can't wait for the next one. Are any of you participating in this BOM? If you are not but want to just drop in on LMS's site.
Most of you know my long arm quilter friend, LTW right? Well with all her quilting she doesn't really have time to piece. She had her mom stitch out the blocks from "Over the River" and she pulled all her fabrics and then she handed them off to me! I have several of her WIPs (which are now my WIPS!!) So all that being said, after dinner, I worked on all the flying geese required for this quilt (66 of them). She did the stitching in dark blue on a light blue background. I think these came out well. Now I need to put them together and cut the inner blocks. Never ends does it?
FNSI  January 2011 005
I finished and then it was around 10pm. PTM worked on something *super secret* so I can't share it with you at this time, but it is super cute!! She managed to get her 4th LC block done and just has her last 2 to do to catch up. I dragged my sorry butt home and went to bed!

I almost forgot to tell you about the contest the other day now didn't I? There was a woman there that had done the A Tisket A Tasket (the free BOM from Bunny Hill). How could I compete with that? I think there were 7 or so quilts and mine tied with 2 others for 2nd place. A little disappointing but hey it is what it is, right? I am thinking of submitting the quilt to a magazine. The kitties in the center are Vogart so I need to see when they were produced. If 70 years have passed they are in the public domain, so I am trying to find that out. If any of you happen to know the answer to that let me know?? I'll be working on that.

The drawing for the giveaway is tomorrow. Since some of you put all your comments together, I will go through and make a list and number them that way. I will notify the winner sometime tomorrow, once I get the ginormous list done, LOL.

Well, enough blabbing for one night. Have a wonderful Saturday night and I'll be back to announce the winner on Sunday! XOP


Sara said...

Love the stitched blocks done with the Dream On fabrics!!

RobynLouise said...

Love that owl.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the owl and your stitcheries. I would love the do "over the river", but I have just too much on my plate this year. Look forward to seeing this one when it is all together.

dianne said...

i have to finish one more HPV (not the virus) and then i get to start on Over the River ... no ... wait ... not till after i stitch the snowflake angel for Auntia so we can piece our little quilts together ... shucks

i am loving your little snowman stitchery - REALLY like the colors!

Elisa (AKA scrapcat) said...

Love your mug rug! Just made my first 3 today! Can't wait to start my Brdie Stitches BOM - fabrics arrived today :) Using the new Dilly Dally line. Keep posting! I enjoy reading them :)

Allie said...

Oh Pam your owl is just awesome! That is the coolest thing I've seen. LOVE LOVE IT! I hope you win!

Karen said...

How do you manage to fit so much into one day??
The mug rug is looking great. Gorgeous colours and love the owl!
Your Birdie Stitches block is great too. I plan to join in but will have to wait till next month to get started.
Good luck with your basket quilt, too. Love to see it in a magazine.

Crispy said...

I LOVE your string owl, the colors are absolutely you :0)

Crispy - Still a mug rug virgin LOL

Brenda said...

Ahh sorry you did not 1st place but second it next best right? I think submitting would be a great idea! And boy did you sew a bunch. I love the snowman. I thought about joining but I need to stick to this finishing thing. Then next year I can join, join and join some more! I have been seeing the mug rugs all over the place. And I keep thinking that would be a good thing to make hubs for a birthday present for his desk. He just uses a paper tablet to set his coffee on. But he is so funny he probably would not use it because he would be afraid of spilling on it.

Ale jc said...

love your mug rug and your stitching on your snowman...terrific my dear...very cool lol

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