Sunday, January 30, 2011

Loads of "Help"

I had loads to do this weekend. I had to get ready for my second guest post over at Stash Manicure. I wanted to do a littletutorial but only got one part of it done today. I spent time at the gym yesterday and then home, food, cleaning up, grocery shopping with hubby and then just hanging out. Unfortunately, not much done quilt wise. I did a little designing but some of it is for Stash Manicure so I really don't want to share that right now. I can show you that I had a couple of really amazing "helpers". First meet Autumn. She loves to watch the needle go up and down and eat my thread. Then when I try to shoo her away from the needle, she just rolls around on whatever I am working on like this.
More Mug Rugs 018
Isn't she so cute?
Ok, I get it, enough time spent at the machine. I will take a minute and pay attention to you!

Next up is a photo of my cat, Jack "helping". After I went off with Autumn I cleaned up a little and brought in some fabric a friend had given to me. I had not even taken it out of the bag yet when Jack decided he needed to guard it for me.
More Mug Rugs 022
As I type this Jack is laying right next to me. He is never very far from wherever I am, even at night!

As I sat here typing, my DH told me to look over at him. Autumn had jumped up in his lap and was lying on his computer, "typing". When I asked him what she was typing he said, "W's, F's and some P's mostly, oh, no and some spaces!" I laughed and then Hallie decided she needed to be a part of the calico gang and jumped up to share DH's lap. HAHA I love my cats!!
Autumn and Hallie

I did some work on my super secret project too. Man-o-man, so much I can't show you right now! I hope you will be patient and keep coming back. It made me happy to be able to play with my designing this weekend and I am most anxious to show you soon. XOP


Anita said...

My kitties only come into the sewing room at night after my parrot Jasper is put away and covered, otherwise he screams at and chases them. Your pictures make me wish I didn't share my sewing room with him so I could have fuzzy company instead. :)

Allie said...

LOL - the kitties are so comical!

Crispy said...

Oh yes your kitties are such great helpers LOL. I had to hide my knitting while at my sister's as her cat Molly loved to eat the yarn....bad kitty LOL.


Shannon said...

HA HA HA That is so funny. I have a cat just like them. I lvoe cats they are so funny!

Impera Magna said...

Your kitties are adorable and look like they are fun to have around! Allergies don't allow me to have my own kitties to I have to live vicariously thru photos of kitties...

Brita said...

Please keep thread out of your kitties' reach, cover it up or put it in a drawer. My son's kitty got hold of some twine, and it wasn't until a few days later when she started acting puny and he took her to the vet that they realized she'd eaten a length of twine. When cats get something like that into their mouth, their tongues cause the thread to go down their throats, and not back out. After 9 incisions into the gut, and many $$$ later, all the twine was removed. The kitty was saved, but it was a terrible experience. So I get on my soapbox whenever I hear about our furry little pals getting around thread. I sometimes forget to put the cover over my machine, and my heart stops when I realize what I've done! My kitty is too interested in thread.

Brenda said...

Cannot wait to see what you secret project is.

Gari in AL said...

No animals and few humans are allowed in my studio but I love coming into the house to the cat that adopted us (a calico) and our puppies. Houses without furry pets just can't be homes, in my opinion. ;-)

Thimbleanna said...

Awww, your kitties are so sweet! I love sewing with cats -- cats and quilts are perfect together! ;-)

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