Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another Finish and some progress

I forgot to tell you that I finished another RPE block the other day and so I took a photo of it to show you too.
bunnies in baskets
I am enjoying my embroidery work and have also finished another of the children for that quilt. That makes 2 down 7 to go!
Polka dot girl with cat
I love how she turned out too. I was going to do the dress in red, but I think it was too harsh for her so chose a deep pink. This is the next one in that series that I will be working on.
Boy with blue bird pattern
You know that bird just has to be blue right?? He will be on hold until I can work on the mermaid embroidery for the doll quilt I am making for the auction is done. I have her all traced and ready to stitch but wanted to finish my little girl first. Now I have no excuse not to work on her. I think she will take some time but am excited to work on her. Then I will figure out how large to cut the fabric she is on to make the quilt I want to do. It will be her on some white for about 3/4 of the quilt. Then I am planning on making 2 lines of various blue zig zags to simulate water with some more white on top. I was inspired by this quilt I saw on Flickr. I thought I had shown you the mermaid but I guess I have not! Will take a pic tonight and share soon.

I got the chenille blanket cut and handed off to PTM for binding last night. This is what it looks like after it is cut and before it is bound.
Chenille cut001
I have had several of you ask about how to do this. If enough people express an interest I can put a tutorial together to show you how exactly, to do it. I have already written up the directions for several of my friends IRL, so let me know and we will see how to make that happen if anyone is interested. Apparently I did not show you the other blanket all finished so here is a photo of my friend Yuki and the blanket.
Yuki with the chenille blanket I made

Lastly I will end on asking you if you use Mary Ellen's Best Press and if you like it? I really like it and so does my DH. He was at the store the other day and found this Niagra Spray Starch version:
Niagra Spray Starch
So he thought what the heck, why not try it. It is sooooo much less expensive. Well, I like it just as well as the MEBP!! You may want to give it a try. It even smells like lavender. I don't know if there are other scents because I haven't looked for any yet. If you have and there are let me know.


Denise :) said...

Ooh, this was a bonanza of helpful info! I love your redwork bunny! Please do post a tutorial on the chenille blanket! And finally, thank you for the tip on the spray starch! I do use MEBP, but I'm happy to use something a little less expensive -- more money for FABRIC! :)

MichelleB said...

Your stitchings are darling!

I would love a tutorial for chenille!

I read on a blog (of course, I can't remember which one) where they use a mixture of vodka and water instead of the Best Press - and they liked it even better.

Quilt Hollow said...

I've been looking for this version of spray starch. I can tell you I've only read all good reports on it!

Sherrill said...

I LOVE the Best Press but had also heard of the Niagara. I checked at Wal-Mart and they didn't have it. Neither did Albertson's so will keep checking. Have heard good things about it, the best being the price!! HA

imquilternity said...

Love your embroidery and the chenille quilt. Both are quite lovely. I'll have to give the Best Press a try since I haven't found any spray starch that I'm completely happy with yet. Thanks so much for sharing the info.

Crispy said...

Goodness you have been busy!! Love the little girl and Yuki's quilt is lovely!!

I've never used startch, what do you use it for....besides shirts?


Vicki said...

Thanks for the info on the starch because I am going broke buying Best Press at the quilt shop. I am going to the big box store today!!

I have made chenille projects and they are so much fun. Your embroidery is fantastic, nice job. The nostalgia factor is ringing in on those with me.

Mandy said...

Very cool! I love it :)

Linda_J said...

The embroidered blocks are wonderful! Fun to do, too.

Since I am in a bit of a sewing slump I have been doing a bit of embroidery was well. Enjoy seeing that someone else is out there stitching too!

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