Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lots to Tell

I had a very eventful day and night. First of all the a/c man came and we are now the proud owner of a brand new Carrier air conditioner. We are poorer, but MUCH cooler!! DH went into work for awhile and after he got home I went over to PTM's to play. The first thing up on the adgenda was for me to teach her how to post to her new blog. I think we spent about an hour working on her blog and getting her set up to use Bloglines. If you have a minute please go over to her blog, Quilting, Friends and Family and welcome her to Blogland. I know she will be thrilled to have someone comment and to know that there really are some wonderful new friends she has yet to meet just waiting to be a part of her life. She is a sweetheart and you will not be sorry to make friends with this amazing woman!

I also received my new shoes only to realize they are a size too big,*sigh*. So I re-ordered them in the correct size and am sending these back. On the up side, I REALLY like both colors!! More on that when the new ones arrive and I can show you them on my feet.

So that being said, I also traced my mermaid onto my background (I forgot to take a photo to show you this, I will do tonight). This is the beginning of the doll quilt I am making for the Belleville Arts Council Auction. More on this later. PTM and I went out to dinner and I had an amazing salad and so did she. We were off to pick up our friend, Cori (Crazy Quilt Girl) and then headed to quilting. Cori ended up basting the chenille blanket I want to make, thanks for that Cori! I bet her fingers will be sore tomorrow!! I worked on the next embroidery in my little kid series, again, I will have to take pics later. Then I took Cori home.

This morning I woke up to a new addition in the house. A baby peacock (or hen). Isn't this baby so adorable??
Silver Pied peacock chickNewly Hatched Peacock
It is a Silver Pied Peacock and when fully grown will look like this:

In the second photo you can see what the females will look like. We have no idea if ours are male or female. My DD1 bought some hatching eggs and so far we have one baby with 3 more in the process of hatching out today. I'll keep you posted!

I need to post again later for the Charming Girls Quilt Club but since I am at work, I need to go and do some work!


Denise :) said...

YAY! for working a/c units! Your baby peacock is darling -- they make for interesting additions! :)

Faith said...

Cant wait to see your mermaid stitched up and wow the Peacock chick is gorgeous!

Crispy said...

I've never seen a peacock chick before....very cute!! I'm heading over to PTM's blog right now :0)


SheilaC said...

That baby peacock is adorable!! I had never seen the silver type before, very beautiful :)


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