Tuesday, July 06, 2010

More on the Weekend

It was a wonderful weekend. I hope you all had a fantastic holiday (if you are in the US). Mine was full of friends and family and lots of great food too. Before the weekend though I had something to share but just didn't have the time to get to it. Do you remember that my friend PTM did some stitching for Anne Sutton at Bunny Hill Designs. In fact the embroidery on the front of one of her patterns is by PTM, it even says so on the pattern!! Isn't that exciting?

(Photo from Bunny Hill's website)
So Anne sent a beautiful stack of FQs to PTM and guess what? Because I introduced them she sent one along for me too!! It is Maison De Garance by the French General and here it is
From Anne
I was so surprised and excited that Anne was so thoughtful.

PTM brought her granddaughter over to see our newly hatched ducklings and she just loved them. She looked at me and asked me, "Is it a real duck?" LOL too cute!
Rylee and PTMRylee Jane
I just love this second picture!
I managed to sneak away for a short time and finish another Tisket block too.
April's block
Please excuse the unpressed version!
My SIL and nephew came over for dinner last night and I managed to snap a couple of pics of my DH and his sis along with my DN and DD2.
Chris and JulieJames and Kelsey
I also began another embroidery but I'm not too certain about it. I will try to remember to snap a picture of it tonight, I'm not thrilled with the mouth but maybe you can tell me what you think. As part of the whole process pledge you will see it now and again once it is done. I am going to do several and put them into a baby quilt for a friend, so I need to know if it looks ok.

Try to stay cool it is supposed to "feel" like 100 degrees F here today. Thank goodness for A/C!!


Faith said...

its been very hot here too... I love your bunny blocks Pam they are so sweet!

Crispy said...

Awww look how excited the little one is LOL!! VERY cool that Ann sent you a fabric bundle too. The Tisket block is soooo sweet!!


Allie said...

What a lovely thing for Anne to do - that is too sweet! Love PTM's granddaughter, she's just adorable!

Your block looks great, Pam. Hope you're staying out of the heat today - we only have a/c in my sewing room, not too sure if I'm going to cook tonight or not!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow! You're a lucky girl -- that fabric looks beautiful! I love the way you're finishing off your bunny hill blocks too -- they're adorable!

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