Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby It's HOT Outside

So the other shoe dropped and we need an entire new air conditioning unit. I was not overly happy to hear this as it means several thousand dollars out of the bank account. At least it was not as much as another quilter I know had to pay so I am thankful for that anyway! The installation is going on right now, they were here at 7am. I have to stay home all day (bummer, huh?) while he is here. DH has to go into work for a little while so I am trying to get him to go in before lunch. Why? Well 2 fold really. If he goes early I can work in the cool of the day then go over to PTM's and show her how to blog (It's supposed to be around 90 today and she has functional a/c!) and when it is all done, DH can write the check! *evil grin*.

Yesterday my friend, Yuki, and her hubby gave me a wonderful few gifts for my birthday. First these adorable salt and pepper shakers. Better yet? They were wrapped in the cutest Red Riding Hood fabric! In addition, they gave me this adorable little bunny dish, and inside was a cell phone charm. I love this dish and can't wait to put him to work on my sewing table! Thank you Yuki and Hiro, you guys are the BEST!!
Salt and Peppert's a bunny!!!

This am, around 6:30am I was on my way to the gym and decided that PTM really needed to join me so I called her up and told her to get her butt to the gym with me so we could be done for the day. Guess what she told me? No not what you might think, she said OK and joined me at the gym!!! We each got our work out for the day done. We also met up last night and she gave me a wonderful bag of goodies for my birthday too.
Birthday gifts 2010 006
Some shower gel and lotion (she knew I was out), a LONG tape measure (where does she find this good stuff??), a Heath candy bar (YUM) and my favorite? Two rolls each of the black and red embroidery Cosmo floss from Bunny Hill!! PTM, you made my day. I think we will be going out for dinner together tonight also and then off to quilting.

I joined the Charming Girls Quilt Club so need to think about my goals and post them tomorrow. We will be posting goals every other month. Very reasonable. If you think you might like to join in a fun group with some fun stuff happening go over HERE and check it out. You have to have a blog (which is why I will be helping PTM with this little chore today!!) It looks like a fun bunch of people.

I am going to leave you here for the moment and try to get some destashing done. I had to move a LOT of stuff out of the way for the new A/C unit to go into the furnace and I decided to go through the fabric and sell some of it. So I will be listing some of the things here on my blog. If you are interested just let me know and I can get the new to you treasures on their way to their new home! Stay tuned!


Denise :) said...

What fun treats! Don't you love birthdays that linger?? LOL! I have to admit, my favorite is the squirrel salt & pepper shaker set! Hope your a/c gets installed quickly, easily, and completely! :)

Maggey and Jim said...

What lovely gifts.. I love the bunny dish, anything bunny..

Crispy said...

I hope that as I type the AC is up and running :0) What lovely gifts you received....I too love the squirrel S&P shakers. Have a great dinner with PTM :o)


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