Sunday, July 04, 2010

Picnic at the Farm

I hope everyone in the US found a way to celebrate our Independence today! Remember to thank a service man or woman for all that they have done to ensure our freedom too. We got to do BOTH of those things yesterday. We went to a picnic at the farm of LTW. Believe it or not I did not take a single photo either so this will not be too long and boring. We had 4 new chicks to bring to the farm and they were so little compared to the last group we left there. Megatron and co have grown so much! They were sad to see their "mommy" (DD1) leave too.

LTW's housemate has a son that was home from his post in Korea so they decided to have a BIG party! It was pretty awesome. I made some fruit kabobs (usually a hit), we brought some sausages, cupcakes and some diet Coke. We got there about an hour after the party had begun and lets just say, if anyone went home hungry it was their own fault! What a spread. It was an enjoyable afternoon with good food, good friends and my family. My DS even tagged along!

Then we came home and DD1's friends had gone out and bought some fireworks which might or might not have been legal in MI. DD1 had told all the neighbors ahead of time so we had quite a crowd watching. We used to do this when my kids were little too. It was a really nice way to top off the wonderful day. The best part of the night? You know those enormous bottles you can get? (we use ours for spare change) We were using it for launching the fireworks off in the street. A car was coming and we told DD and her friend E to move the stuff and E runs over to the bottle and kicks it sending it scudding across the street and breaking into a million pieces!!! I need to go out and see what we need to clean up this morning. I was cleaning the kitchen first, now on to laundry then the street.

I was visiting my friend Annemiek's blog and she had posted this fromo You Tube and I thought you might enjoy it too. Since LTW is my LAQ : Here's to you LTW!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!


Allie said...

Sounds like a great day, Pam!

Crispy said...

You obviously had a wonderful day. We were pretty laid back and were in bed by 10. I was so tired from doing mostly nothing, I didn't even hear all the fireworks LOL. We are such an exciting couple :0)


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