Sunday, July 18, 2010

De-Stashing. Fabric for sale

OK, I had to bring stuff (fabric mostly) up from the basement to clear out a spot for the guy to fix the A/C last week. I thought I should go through it and see if there was anything I could part with and guess what? There is! I am going to list it here and if you are interested please email me at

Here goes:
Now these first few things are not fabric alone, they are pot holderish kind of things. I got them from my mom's house after she passed away so I know they are quite old, older than me, which is older than dirt. They are about 6' x8" approximately. $5 for each set plus shipping.
Fabric for sale 001ELEPHANTS ARE SOLD
Fabric for sale 002PIGS ARE SOLD
Fabric for sale 003
Now on to some wool (blends maybe?, not sure)
Tan and navy are 46" x 60" and the blue check is 44" x 68" So that's approximately 4 yards. $8 for the lot plus shipping
Fabric for sale 008
Corduroy now who doesn't love that?? I bought this when my kids were little (they are 19-25 now) and you just can't find cute stuff like this anymore. I have no grandchildren and probably won't for a long time so if you are interested let me know.
Both pieces are 27" x 60". $5.00 plus shipping.
Fabric for sale 004
Here are the girl prints the bunny one is 40" x 60" and the flower one is 60" x 60"
$10 plus shipping .
Fabric for sale 005
This one is like a cotton twill but softer. Adorable little dinos. There is about a yard and a half here.$3 plus shipping
Fabric for sale 006
Yard and a half of the fairies $3 plus shipping
Fabric for sale 011
Six one yard pieces $12 plus shipping
Fabric for sale 010
Five half yard pieces $5 plus shipping
Fabric for sale 012SOLD
Eight quarter yd or FQ pieces $4 plus shipping The third one from the left came from France!
Fabric for sale 009
40 6.5" squares $2 plus shipping
Fabric for sale 007SOLD

I have some more to list but will do so in another post. Please let me know if you are interested and we will work it out. I appreciate your taking time to look.


dot said...

I am also interested in the five half yard pieces for 5.00. Let me know, Dot

The ones with the pink on the end, the dark floral in the middle and the white back ground and floral print the left side.

Let me know how much all together. I did put in an order from the post after this one.

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