Sunday, July 25, 2010

Learning to use the Statler

Yesterday DD1 and I went to visit LTW at the farm. Now I was supposed to be going to learn how to work the Statler and babysit my sampler quilt that I need for a wedding in a few weeks. DD1 and Becky got bored with LTW and me playing on the Statler computer and went off to the grocery store together (funny) and we worked on setting up the quilting plan for the quilt. Who knew it took sooo much time to do this part of the quilting?? Certainly NOT me. I know now. So this is a peek at the quilt layed out on the quilting frame.
My Sampler at LYW's
Three hours later this is what we came up with:
Statler set up for Sampler 2
The design elements are not perfectly in place but we will be fixing that and then begin the stitching on the quilt today. I am excited to learn how to do this!

I got up this morning and made some banana bread and blue berry muffins. I will bring the bread but the muffins are for me for the week. They are the Fiber One mix. The banana bread is my low fat, high fiber version and I really like it!
Banana Breadmuffins
Do any of you have trouble with your chocolate chip cookies spreading out and looking flat? Well I sure did and now I will forever use Vanessa's recipe (over at V and Co's blog)! Don't they look yummy?
Chocolate chip cookies

I also finished the Monster rag quilt yesterday before leaving for the farm. I have pictures to post step by step for those who might not know how to make these quilts but they make really nice baby quilts. I still need to snip it so will wait to post the tutorial until I have a minute to do that. I cut out a book panel for a Curious George quilt last night now I just need to figure out the sashing. It shouldn't take too long, just need the time home to do it! Once I am caught up at work I may just take a week off to sew! How nice will that be? DH is taking 2 weeks off in August and one of those he is going back to Canada with his uncles like he did last year. We were talking about that in the shower this morning and we decided maybe we will take a few of the days in the other week and go antiquing/quilt shop hopping in Ohio and Indiana.

Oh, and I wanted to let you know, I did NOT have a gain. I did NOT have a loss but no gain is still good after the extra food last week! I am hoping to turn that into a loss this week.

I need to get going and pack up for the trip to the farm. I brought some coordinated fabrics to try the GO Cutter with today too so will let you know how that goes also. Have a great day!

UGH we just lost power so I will see how that goes! I better post before I lost it all together!!


Crispy said...

WOW the quilting is going to be fantastic Pam!! I can see why it took so long for the prep time.

The bread and muffins look yummy, maybe I'll go whip up a batch of muffins (from a box LOL).


Denise :) said...

Nice job on the pattern. Wanna come back for me for an afternoon?!? LOL! That's my way of saying your baked goodies looked really good! :)

Jandi said...

HOLY COW! That is some ambitious quilting! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

katieD said...

congratulations on not having a gain!!! I managed another pound this week, with luck I will have lost a stone by next week, only 2 more to go!!

Allie said...

Oh yeah - the Statler is the one I was looking at - almost got one. Glad I didn't now, lol. Your quilt looks amazing!
Glad to hear you didn't have a gain, good for you - you'll get a loss in no time!
We didn't lose power but we did lose internet Friday night. Just got it back!

magirite said...

Fantastic quilt and the goodies look yummy. Good luck on the quilting, can't wait to see the finished product.

Dawnmarie said...

the quilt and the goodies look marvelous! Glad to hear you didn't have a gain! I'm going to have to add that to my goals - maybe in september. . . . .

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