Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Continues

I just thought I would stop back and tell you how the day progressed. I went to the LQS and bought the knee lifter. They also had some "Meet the Ghastlies" by Alexander Henry and 2 yards of that may have made it's way home with me. I'm just sayin'...
knee liftMeet the Ghastlies
Really I was just a little bit bad. Now that I had the lifter I needed to try it out. I had this pink and brown block that I needed to work on. It is due to the Belleville quilt show in September,but I want it out of my life ASAP. I HATED making this block, and would like to have chucked it into the trash. It came out ok I guess, if you don't look too closely. It was about a quarter of an inch shy if 12.5 inches so I trimmed it and put a border on it. It is the first time I have mitered a border. I found an online site and it walked me through it. It was not as difficult as I thought it would be to do and I like how it came out. Of course, just like EVERYTHING else on this block, I had to rip one side out because I didn't think about matching the stripes but they match now! My DD1 saw it and remarked how wonderful it might be to have a whole quilt made of this block. I say kill me now! I used templates and this was supposed to be a completely different block, but it is now DONE and I can send it on it's way.
Pink and brown block 01
I asked everyone in my new quilt group to make 2 blocks for the Belleville quilt show contest. I am having them all make a pink and brown block and the second one is their choice. I chose a Halloween theme. Big surprise there, huh? Guess who wanted to fly in to help me? Yep, it's Happy Owl again. Love her!
Happy owl
I will need to stitch around her and will probably do that tomorrow. I can't believe how long it took me to do that other stupid block. I still need to do the Jelly Roll QAL block and am hoping to work on that tomorrow too.

Have a wonderful evening!!


Crispy said...

Well regardless of how hard it was it came out beautifully....hand piecing it would have been easier ROFL. I love Happy Owl!!


Allie said...

Pam that Halloween fabric is darling! I can see why it had to come home with you. I love the block, it turned out perfect, sorry it was tricksy! Happy Owl looks wonderful, it's very good to see her again.

Laura said...

I bought that same fabric but don't know what to make with it. Please post when you use yours.

Elaine Adair said...

I LOVE my knee lift and can barely do without it - it is especially good when paper piecing - I also use the thread cutter and use my LEFT foot on 'the gas'. It took some time to get used to the knee lifter, but it's a wonderful tool to increase efficiency. Hope you find it useful also.

BTW - the block is gorgeous!

Micki said...

I love your blocks, but Happy Owl is the best.

Denise :) said...

Just wanted to drop by and wish you a very happy 30th anniversary of your 21st birthday!! I love it!! I hope you had a most MARVELOUS day! :)

Cathy said...

I like the pink block, especially the little cross in the middle. I hope you had a fabulous birthday yesterday (or is it still today over your way?!!!). xo

dianne said...

i'm making a quilt with The Ghastlies in mauve - VERY nice fabric to work with (the people sure are big, aren't they?!?) - it's for my sister ... i was gonna give it to her for her 30th wedding anniversary just before halloween - but she told me she doesn't want to share it with Mr. Husker - bwah ha ha!

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