Sunday, July 18, 2010

Birthday Gift and Monster Quilt

I received a wonderful, and very thoughtful gift from my friend Annemiek (along with her friend Corrine) in the mail yesterday. Annemiek lives in the Netherlands and she and I have become very good friends even though we have not met...yet.
Gifts from Annemiek 001
The mug says Learning Dutch while you're drinking.
Gifts from Annemiek 003Gifts from Annemiek 002
And those were the words with pictures on the mug too.
She also sent the most adorable "cupcake" pin cushion. The "whipped cream" on the top is spectacular and the strawberry has stitched "seeds" in it.
Gifts from AnnemiekGifts from Annemiek 004

So today I have been busy righting all the "stuff" that had been moved. I put some of it back, am selling some of it and have found yet MORE UFO's to work on as well, *sigh*. Of course no weekend is complete without starting something totally unrelated to finishing anything, right? It's OK right? Well I had bought this adorable monster fabric to make a rag quilt with and so it is all cut out and I am going to finish it this week. Really, come h--l or high water I am. I am going to make a huge push to get some of the other UFO's worked on over the next few weeks too. This may mean less time here though. We'll see. Oh yes, here is the monster fabric cut up and ready to stitch.
flannel quilt 002
Now if you had monsters that were this cute wouldn't you want to play with them too??

Yesterday we went to LTW's farm and got some more farm fresh eggs and a TON of produce, thanks LTW!! You and Becky are the BEST!! DH, DD1 and I went to the tractor supply store then to the farm. We had a really nice visit too. I did skip my class on Sat for the farm visit, but I am trying to spend more time doing things with the family, so it was a trade off. I did weigh in and gained .6 this past week, but in reality, after the weekend I had actually put on 5 so I worked really, really hard all week and lost all but .6 of it. I'm OK with that! Birthday's are once a year so I guess it is ok. I am back on track and hoping for a good week this week.

Hope you all had a good weekend and that you managed to stay cool. It is so HOT and humid here!!


Quiltluver said...

That pin cushion is really cute!

Denise :) said...

Sounds like you had a fun day! Love the monsters -- they do make it all right. LOL! :)

Faith said...

Wow what great little gifts!!! I love the monster fabric looks fun I have one right next to me now.... JAZZ :o)


Crispy said...

What lovely gifts!! I just discovered Annemiek's blog...well she discovered me then I went to visit her, I look forward to getting to know her :0)


Allie said...

What a lovely gift, Pam! Love the mug and pincushion. Your monster fabric IS too cute - you'll get to the other stuff, never fear! Congrats on losing what you did, stay cool in your new a/c!

Anonymous said...

Where did you find the monster fabric? It's adorable!

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