Thursday, July 08, 2010

Label Making and newest Embroidery

Hey there, want to here a funny story? OK, well, this morning I was all dressed and ready for work. I went downstairs and was getting ready to go when I put my hands on my hips. Not in an angry way but with my fingers facing my back, when I felt something *odd*. It was kind of crusty and I wondered what I had gotten on myself. Quick trip to the potty to take a look ... and EWWWW. The top of my my pants were covered in CAT BARF!!! GROSSSSS. *SIGH* I guess that happens when you leave your pants lying around (on the divan next to the bed) and you have 5 cats that make it their mission to sleep all over any piece of your clothing that touches a horizontal surface. Quick change into new pants and off to work, whew, crisis avoided!

On to some fun stuff. A little while ago I bought some custom made labels with my name and a small logo on them. It was a twill tape and said "Mama Spark's Quilts" followed by a wee kitty that I designed. I have only used them once so far and they were a little expensive but I love using them on certain projects when I don't want a huge ole label. There has to be a better way, right? So I went online in search of a custom rubber stamp. I found a fantastic place and sent in what I thought I wanted. Here is what I got back. The stamp is about 3" so the tape will be about an inch and a half when folded over and inserted into the binding.
Mama Spark's stamp
I have some fabric ink stamp pads from Versa Craft that I have used with the stone stamp my friend Yuki made for me. She is the first one to give me the fabric ink pads too. I have looked and found some bigger pads and will be ordering them in several colors to use. The wee kitty has a heart on it's chest so I may have to try to figure out how to make that part red. I'm pretty sure I can figure out how to do that and I have some red pads already. I am going to purchase my own twill tape and make my own labels! Brilliant, right? I'll keep you posted. The online site I ordered from was fabulous to work with and the cost was very reasonable.

Last night was the CAQG meeting. I love the Wednesday night quilters! One of the ladies brought her DGD along. She and her folks have moved back to MI from Las Vegas. Papa lost his job so they moved back home and literally back to her home too. She and her DGD seem to be adjusting. Her DGD is such a sweetie. She sat next to me all night while I worked on my embroidery. I was showing her how to do what I was doing and I had her choose the colors of the clothes for me. Please realize that my stitching is far from perfect but I am happy with how it came out. I will be tracing the next one tonight (I hope). I asked DGD if she would like to try one and she likes horses, so I have a horse to trace for her tonight too. This is what my little boy turned out like.
Boy with bunny finished
I know, I was supposed to show you when it was "in progress" but DD1 borrowed my transfer cord and did not return it to me until this am, ARGH!! Anyway he is finished now. The next one will be a little girl.

We are getting ready for some severe thunderstorms. Can't wait!! It's almost time to go home and then to the gym and then to my tracing!!


Quiltluver said...

Pretty embroidery. It's always fun to get dressed in the morning, put on a nice clean pair of socks, and then step in very wet cat vomit in a dark hallway. Nice way to start the day, eh?

Crispy said...

What a sweet embroidery....maybe you will inspire the young one to be a quilter :0) I think the clothes issue is one reason I don't have any pets anymore LOL.


nclogowear said...

Annemiek said...

OMG! Cat barf on your clothes..YUK!
After readibg that ánd the first comment I completey lost my appetite. I guess today will be a great diet day for me! *lol* Cats!!!
I enlarged your embroiderypic and couldn't find any crooked stitches. It looked perfect (and so do you, C and I "examined"your profile pic yesterday and you DO look great..)


cats, dogs and little ones always seem to affect your wardrobe every now and then.
Love your precious little boy, cute cute, cute!

Allie said...

Don't you just love it when your cat decides to surprise you. Thank goodness you were still home when you found out, lol!
Love your little stitchery, I have that set too!

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